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Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance: The World’s Best-Selling Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Guide

Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is the world’s best-selling guide to bicycle repair and maintenance. From basic repairs like how to fix a flat tire to advanced overhauls of drivetrains and brakes, Lennard Zinn’s clearly illustrated guide makes every bicycle repair and maintenance job easy for everyone.

Lennard Zinn is the world’s leading expert on bike maintenance and repair. His friendly step-by-step guide explains the tools you’ll need and how to know you’ve done the job right. The book’s two-color interior is easy to read―even in a dimly-lit garage or workshop. Hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations and exploded parts diagrams show just the right level of detail to lead you through every bicycle repair task.

This smartly organized guide shows how to repair new and old bicycles from top to bottom. In over 500 pages, Zinn’s guide includes simple instructions for hundreds of bike maintenance and repair jobs:

Basics: How to fix a flat tire, lube a bicycle chain, adjust the brakesEmergency repairs: How to fix a broken chain, tighten loose spokes, repair a bent derailleurEasy shifting: How to adjust shifters, derailleurs, and cables for clean and smooth shiftingWheels: How to true a wheel, install a new tire, change a cassette, replace broken spokes, build your own wheelsOverhauls: How to service and replace pedals, chains and chainrings, saddles, handlebars, stems, headsets, forks, bottom bracketsNew tech: How to maintain 11-speed systems, electronic and wireless shifters, disc brakesCyclocross: How to set up a ‘cross bike for racing, select the right components, and make quick repairsTroubleshooting: How to figure out what’s wrong with any bike and fix it

Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance makes bicycle repair and maintenance easy, quick, affordable, and fun. With Zinn at your side, you’ll know how to keep your bicycling running smoothly for years.

What’s New in Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, 5th Ed.:

More than 700 comprehensive illustrations and exploded views. New chapter on electronic shifting covers maintenance, service, repair, and troubleshooting of all Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo electronic shifting groups. New chapter on disc brakes covers maintenance, service, and repair of all hydraulic and mechanical systems. New tech covered in depth: through-axle forks, SRAM eTap wireless shifting, second generation Shimano and Campagnolo electronic shifting, direct-mount sidepull brakes, SRAM X-Sync 1×11 cyclocross systems, tubular tire gluing tapes. New troubleshooting chartsNew master guide to press-fit bottom bracketsAlso covered in the 5th edition: All derailleur shifting systems (5-speed through 11-speed); all bottom bracket systems (cone-and-cup through press-fit); all brake systems (including caliper, V-brake, cantilever, and disc); all headset, stem, handlebar and fork systems; wheelbuilding for all bikes including cyclocross and disc-brake wheels; special sections on cyclocross throughout including troubleshooting, maintenance, service, repair, and equipment selection; updated and expanded torque tables; complete illustration index and complete subject index.

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A. Hua says:

Great Maintenance Book for all ability levels (Review of February 2013 4th Edition) I have had many years of wrenching on cars and bikes alike. I felt that this book was a great all-in-one general maintenance book for Road Bike Maintenance. It does not give every single detail that is possible for all parts (e.g. shimano brakes, it doesn’t tell give you a parts breakdown like one would if you went to the manufacture site and downloaded their technical documents).***TIP for specific instructions for bike parts: most manufactures will post up online detailed…

Dr. Rob says:

Best book out there As a bike mechanic, I’ve read all the books. This is by far the easiest to read, has detailed yet easy to understand instructions, and the hand drawn pictures are more than adequate.Each edition is thoroughly rewritten and updated, so it keeps me up to date. Lennard is a guru and for all the right reasons.Best of all, this book serves absolute beginners as well as experts. He has an easy writing style that makes this an (almost) can’t-put-down book. Once you start…

AmaPhot says:

Good and Instructive Book I have borrowed a previous edition of this book from my public library several times over the past year. I was waiting for the newest edition (5th) to be released before buying my very own. I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to any sort of bike repair/maintenance. I have been able to learn some basic maintenance skills to cut down on trips to my local bike shop. The book describes the basic tools one should have for their own use and seeing as it has been a little bit of buying a…

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