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ZFZ Bicycle Bike Adjustable Stem Mountain Bike Road- 31.8mm or 25.4mm x 110mm, 0/60 Degree, Black

The ZFZ Adjustable Stem is 2D-cold forged and made of aluminium. The angle adjustment from 0 to 60 degrees enables an adaptation to the current range of use. At a handlebar-clamp-measure of 25.4 mm or 31.8mm the stem is available in the lengths of 110 mm.
Suitable for 28.6 mm fork installation, with a 6 mm hexagonal angle can be adjusted, it is convenient.

Product Features

  • 31.8mm OR 25.4mm Handlebar Diameter
  • Adjustable from 0° / 60° up or down.
  • The ZFZ comp-stem is 2D-cold forged and made of aluminium
  • Front fork installation specifications: 28.6MM
  • Length is 110MM

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