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Zefal Deflector FM 60 Mountain Bicycle Front Fender (Black)

Having a front fender is great. It keeps your wheel from throwing half the trail in your face. But sometimes, having a front fender is not so great. Like when it’s perfectly dry out. Which is why you should use the removable Zefal Deflector FM60 MTB fender. It’s a front fender made just for mountain bikes. It’s compatible with pretty much any fork out there, features a quick mounting system for easy on off, and is tough enough to tackle any trail. So the next time you don’t feel like eating some mud, slap the Zefal Deflector FM60 MTB fender on your ride and get on out there. Universal fork compatibility Quick mounting system Dual material spoiler for increased flexibility Stays rigid on rough terrain

Product Features

  • Compatible will fit all frames
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Remains rigid on rough terrain
  • Dual material spoiler provides better protection and increases fender flexibility

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