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Sobike Durable Warm Enough Touch-screen Gloves for Outdoor Cycling Camping Jogging Updated Version

Our 4ucycling touch screen gloves are made of 3-layer composite wind-resistant fabric.
In cold winter, our hands need extra care,especially while you are having all kinds of outdoor sports,such as cycling,skiing,exploration and mountain climbing.People will spontaneously use hands to support their body when they fall down.It is more likely to bruise the fingers and palms if there are no protections. Wearing this gloves which are specially designed to be anti-skid and shock absorptive can minimize the possibility of getting hurt and will definitely highlight your performance.

It is especially important to protect your hands in winter,because our hands are more easily getting chapped in cold and dry environment.So it is absolutely a wisdom choice to have a pair of MORE warmer, anti-skid, wear resistant,extra breathable,wind-proof and super comfortable touch screen gloves.

Material: Wind tarps+Net+Fleece inside
Season: Winter & Autumn

S: palm circumference 5.5″-6.7″ equal 14.0-17.0cm
M: palm circumference 6.7″-7.9″ equal 17.0-20.0cm
L: palm circumference 7.9″-9.0″ equal 20.0-23.0cm
XL: palm circumference 9.0″-9.8″ equal 23.0-25.0cm
Color:Bike Gloves(black&blue) or Bike Gloves(black&gray)

1. Machine Wash Cold
2. Use Mild Soap
3. Do not bleach line dry
4. Do not store damp
5. Do not iron
6. Do not dry clean

-Package includes: 1 pair touch screen bike gloves
Many improvements have been made according to the last year data, so if you still have any question, pls feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Wind-Resistant, Thermal and Breathable. The gloves adopt 3-layer composite wind-resistant fabric which can effectively against cold wind. The inner layer uses a thicker fleece fabric that is more thermal and comforting. Extra design in wrist can effectively retain the heat. Keep your hands warm and dry in colder conditions
  • Anti-Skid,Shock Absorb. From middle finger to little finger adopt special anti-skid silica gel design for additional friction to reduce the probability of handlebars skipping.The force-bearing points on palms adopt SBR damping that can successfully reduce hand shock on bump road
  • Scratch-and-Wear Proof. This super sturdy gloves uses quality scratch proof and wear-resisting materials, which can better protect your hands in outdoor activities.Reflective area design on the gloves back assures safety in the dark
  • Screen Touching.The thumb and index finger adopt conductive touch-screen leather, which touches the screen in a sensitive way. Even when wearing the gloves, it is easy to use your smart-phone and all kinds of touchable control electronic products
  • WHOLE ADJUSTMENT.—Size. Good fit around the palm and perfect on finger length.—More warm fleece materials.—Inner liner fixed.You don’t need to worried the fleece liner of these gloves will pull out when you take your hand out

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