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SKS Dashblade Mudguard 2016

the sks dashblade is a rear fender 26 ” mountain bike up to 29 “. the german firm is highly specialized in the manufacture of accessories for cyclists, so their products tend to be a good point of reference. this fender offers a truly innovative design that satisfied the authentic lovers of mud and clay. it incorporates a locking system fast and easy using the strap of power, allowing an airtight connection to every seat. you can regulate and guide for comprehensive protection.the sks dashblade fenders weighs only 178 gr and the finish is black. features: -rear fender. -for mtb bikes. -valid for 26 “to 29” wheels. -quick and easy sealing by power strap system -improved protection against dirt. -max. seatpost: 35 mm -weight: 178 gr. -finish: black.

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Son says:

First & Best fender I’ve ever used!!! 100% recommend, I’m getting it again! It’s my first and would say probably the best mud fender I’ve ever owned, have been using it since fall 2013 until few days ago. I’d still using it if my bike wasn’t stolen, it was sad to see my girl go but nevertheless, this fender not only did a freaking awesome job, but it also made my bike looked much sexier and really pull off a mean looking, very eye-catching!!! I’m getting this for my new bike now and def. recommend this to anyone lookng for rear bike fender. Here are some pictures I…

Rachael Levin says:

Beats those other flimsy fenders This fender is hard-core.I originally tried out the SKS X-tra Dry Rear Bicycle Fender, but I am short and have a women specific frame. Thus, my seat post doesn’t extend particularly far above my rear wheel. In order to fit the X-Tra Dry model on my bike, I would have had to angle the fender way up in the air. I’ve seen people around campus with that setup. It not only looks silly, but I doubt it deflects the spray well.I was thrilled when I found this Dashblade model. I…

MontaniSemperLiberi says:

Just what I needed. I’d been researching fenders for some time, and I’m glad I picked this one. I was tired of having mud and other junk flipped up on my shirt every time I rode, but I didn’t want to get the full-on commuter fenders. This fender is quite light, yet it blocks all the crap that my tires kick up and is substantial enough to not flop around while riding. I am impressed how firmly it mounts to the bike with just the seat post strap. I really hate bike parts that rattle when you hit bumps, but this…

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