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Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals

Both Sexy and functional. The MX80 is the first Saint pedal and Shimano hit a home run.

Product Features

  • Concave platform shape for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency
  • Replaceable pins
  • Market proven axle durability
  • 3mm wider and 85mm lower profile when compared to MX30 pedals

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Abel Fonseca says:

Some Fine Pedals These pedals look so nice out of the box that it makes you think twice about putting them on your bike and getting them dirty. The design and finish is just superb.I got these for a specialized rockhopper and after I got around the urge to hang them from a chain around my neck instead of putting them on my bike I went out to test them. The saints rock, they feel extremely solid and your shoes stick to them like bugs to flypaper. It seems like they have rebuildable bearings so they will…

Steven says:

Awesome pedals for commuters I’m in the process of building my idea of the perfect commuter bike. Deciding on pedals was very tough! I spent more time on the pedals than I did deciding on both which crankset to buy and what wheelset to build, mainly because safety plus convenience is such a huge concern of mine and pedals play a significant role.On my previous commuter I started with basic cheap flat pedals but I had issues where my foot would slip off on occasion, especially in wet conditions. On one…

Reiki Chef Farmboy says:

Wild Gripper I have used SPD pedals for the last 12 years, trying one style after another without finding one that gave my knees a comfortable feel after a few miles. Based on many opinions of my fellow riders, I thought that being clipped in was the only way to go. Finally after much debate I decided to try some cheapo flat pedals on my bike, and found that being free of the clips allowed me to position my feet in a way that allowed my knees to move in so many ways to keep them comfortable…could it be…

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