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Schwalbe Winter Studded Mountain Bike Tire – Wire Bead

Reduced to essentials. With half the amount of spikes, the Winter provides excellent control on glassy ice. Only in extreme cornering is its big brother Marathon Winter superior. With 50 EPI carcass, reflective lines and KevlarGuard it offers great benefits at an entry-level price.

Product Features

  • KevlarGuard
  • Reflex sidewall
  • Winter Compound
  • weight: 1000g (26 x 1.75
  • 50 EPI carcass

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Ed Green says:

a good safety investment for winter I have a 4-mile commute each way, mostly on a bike path that is plowed with a 1-day lag and that remains ice-coated in many places. My bike slid out from under me on ice last winter. I was lucky not to break a hip when I hit the ground, and don’t want to try my luck again.I installed these tires six weeks ago, and have been riding mostly in snowy and icy conditions since then.The tires have noticeably–but not overwhelmingly–higher drag on dry road than my general use…

Ted Elsen says:

Got me through a Minnesota winter I live in Southern Minnesota and these tires made riding this winter so much more enjoyable. I chose these tires because they are much less expensive than other options. Basically these are the same tire as the Schwalbe Marathon Winter, but with half the number of studs. Having studs only on the middle section turned out to be all that I needed. Immediately upon placing these tires on I felt the control of my bike improve greatly.As I gained confidence I tested braking on icy downhill…

Bastian Uribe says:

Do the work. I didn’t need the extra studded rows on the sides.

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