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RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals Flat Aluminum Alloy Platform Sealed Bearing Axle 9/16″

Product Details:

Condition: Brand New

Color: 6 color

Weight: 404g/pair


Body : Aluminum Alloy

Bearing : Sealed Bearing

Axle: 9/16″

Product Features

  • Body : Aluminum Alloy
  • Bearing : Sealed Bearing
  • Axle: 9/16″

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Z says:

Stunning! These pedals are absolutely killer. A friend of mine purchased the rockbros pedals one price point below these and was jealous of how awesome these felt.I’ve given them a go for a few miles on and off road in both wet and dry conditions and they have kept my shoes (regular new balance crosstrainers) glued.There’s a nice wide platform, a huge upgrade from my previous pedals. The bearings are tight, but I suspect they’ll loosen up over time just like every other pedal I’ve…

A.K. says:

Great for downhill 0

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