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RightOn SIMPL Mountain Bike Gloves, Unisex Cycling Gloves, Full Finger MTB DH Downhill Off Road Gloves with Touch Recognition

The RightOn SIMPL Mountain Biking Glove

RightOn products are made by bikers for bikers.
Here at RightOn we pride ourselves in the quality of our products, made to fit the needs of all mountain bikers. The RightOn SIMPL Mountain Bike Gloves are made with simplicity in mind, this glove does not have Padding or Velcro and it is intended to conform to your hand as if it was not there at all.
The SIMPL Mountain Biking Glove utilizes innovative design features that will make this the only glove you will ever need:

•The longer cuff of the glove wraps around your wrist seamlessly to provide great support and eliminate the need for Velcro, Which we all hate when Mountain Biking because it can cause scratches and even worse get in the way of your mountain biking action
•The top of the glove is made of Spandex to keep your hand cool while riding, and elastic enough to conform to different types of hands.
•Small holes on the palm for the thumb, index and middle finger for additional ventilation.
•Silicone inserts in the palm and tip of the thumb, index, and middle fingers for extra grip when switching gears, braking, and for a safer ride.
•Thumb tip made of conductive material, perfect for checking your phone, or any other electronics quickly without taking your gloves off.
•Continuous synthetic leather fabric wraps from palm to the tip of index and middle fingers for added strength.
•9 beautiful colors to choose from, and match your current, and future RightOn gear.

RightOn products have been tested by serious mountain bikers while mountain biking in the California region, in order to create an exceptionally comfortable, resistant, and simple mountain bike glove design.

Product Features

  • A Unique array of colors to choose from, more than any other mountain bike gloves.
  • No padding, No Velcro, No problem. Just the most comfortable mountain bike glove out there.
  • Made with very Flexible Spandex for added elasticity and ventilation when riding. Perfect for Downhill, MTB, Mountain Biking or even Road Cycling.
  • Conductive material on the thumbs to give riders the ability to use touch-screen phones and devices without taking the gloves off. For those times you want to check your phone while mountain biking but do not want to go through the whole process of taking them off.
  • Continuous synthetic leather wraps around index and middle fingers for added strength. Perfect for the 3 most important fingers while you mountain bike, downhill, or MTB.

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