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RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer

Get off the couch and onto the state of the art MAG TRAINER by RAD Cycle Products. Out of all the trainers we tested, none of them compared to price and the quality of this trainer! Regardless of the weather outside you will be able to stay in shape. The MAG Trainer converts your bike into an indoor cycling trainer. It utilizes a state of the art magnet system which provides magnetic resistance. You can easily increase the resistance by shifting the gears on your bike! These are perfect for the beginner or the professional who wants to stay in shape all year long! This MAG Trainer is one of the quietest on the market–it is a premium quality unit. Now you can watch TV and ride your bike.

Product Features

  • State of the art technology: As soon as you begin to pedal, the ultra QUIET internal magnet creates resistance
  • Extremely Portable: The MAG Trainer is extremely light and it can be folded down like an ironing board for travel and storage
  • Maximum Stability, one of the most robust and sturdy stands on the market; extra wide legs and a sturdy frame makes this the trainer the pros choose
  • Extra Durable, features the finest materials and proven reliability
  • New design features separated legs for added stability

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stefan hamilton says:

Loud but works Pros* Installation took 10min. Just take out the back axle and install one that is provided. The bike will then fit into the stand.* Inexpensive. This is one of the less expensive modelsCons* About as loud as a vacuum cleaner when mtn bike tires are installed* DiscountTommy is giving people $17 in merchandise to write 5 star reviews on Amazon. To quote from an email they sent me: “We will send you a FREE RAD Bike Hoist for writing a product review on…

DR says:

Great Value This is the first bike trainer that I’ve owned, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I really like it. It was a great value for the price, and simple to put together and use. It’s a little louder than I expected (thus the 4 out of 5 stars) when using it with my mountain bike, but it works well. If you purchase this product, or any other bike trainer for that matter, you probably want something to hold the front tire in place and raise it up a bit. Otherwise it feels like you are slightly…

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