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PRO.S Bike Pump for Road & Mountain Biking – 100 PSI Thread on Multi Valve

Every cyclist needs a lightweight and dependable bike pump for their bicycle; get a J/CO PRO.S bike pump and be ready for anything!

Whether you ride for fun or ride for the competition, every cyclist has a few of the same needs; things like a bike helmet, a bike chain, and properly inflated tires. That’s why we created a bicycle pump that’s made to get you on the road faster and to always be there when you need it most. Our PRO.S combines the ultralight weight of a compact bicycle pump with the efficiency of a floor pump so you can inflate your tires faster and with less effort.

More Efficient, More Reliable

Made of premium, durable aluminum alloy, our frame-mounted pump is designed for easy inflation, so all your effort goes into pumping up your tire without tiring out your arms. And because our pump features a longer barrel, you’ll pump out more volume at higher pressures which makes it faster to inflate your tire faster than other pumps.

Features and Benefits:

· Inflates to 100 PSI

· Aluminum Alloy Design

· Sleek and Lightweight

· Bike Mount Attachment Included

· Works on Bikes, Balls, Baby Strollers and any other product with a presta or schrader valve.

Get the PRO.S and take the adventure with you wherever you may go.

Click Add to Cart above and join the hundreds of other cyclists who enjoy worry free riding!

Product Features

  • SIMPLE _ We’ve designed our tire pump with a duel Presta and Schrader valve that requires no switching of small parts. That means no more awkward foot pedals or valve placement struggles.
  • FAST _ Fitting comfortably in your hands, this bike pump will inflate your tire in less than 60 seconds. You’ll reach 100 PSI faster and get back on the road more quickly.
  • COMPACT _ Small and lightweight at just 6″ long and 2.5 ounces, our pump securely mounts to your bike frame or fits in a jersey pocket so you never have to worry about where you are when you have a flat tire.
  • RELIABLE _ Starting with solid core aluminum, each bicycle pump is milled to precision, saving weight while maintaining rigidity. We’re likely the last company out there hand-testing each and every pump before it reaches your door.
  • GUARANTEED _ We care about the products we make. As such, every pump is backed with a 12 month 100% no questions asked warranty.

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