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Ohuhu Men’s 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts

This underwear is perfect for bicycle activities or long distance motorcycle riders. Especially for those narrow motocross seats. The mesh has a breathable design making it comfortable. And the 3D padded design can alleviate sore areas.

Product Features

  • Comfortable material: Pant – Polyester&Spandex, Pad – Silica Gel
  • Breathable design provides super flexibility and keeps your body dry
  • Flexible mesh dissipates heat and moisture, quick dry
  • 3D padded design, soft and comfortable
  • 5 sizes for you (M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL) , Weight: 160g

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David S. says:

Ohuhu vs. Xcellent Global vs. Baleaf It was difficult for me to tell which was “best” based on the descriptions and reviews so I decided to order one each of the Ohuhu, Xcellent Global and Baleaf to decide for myself.Overall, all three do a nice job of providing padding where needed, help keep me dry (and thus prevent chafing) “down there,” dry quickly, are comfortable, and appear to be wearing well. After I have ridden, and then gotten off the bike, none of them have that “full…

Amazon Customer says:

Great shorts! Super comfy ride so I don’t mind …

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