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Mountain Biking Basics: Your Beginners Guide

Mountain Biking Basics: Your Beginners Guide is a simple and easy-to-read book inwhich you’ll discover top tips and practical advice to learn all about mountain biking including….

• Mountain Biking: An Introduction
• Is Mountain Biking the Right Sport for You?
• Mountain Bike Apparel and Gear
• Choosing a Mountain Bike
• Choosing a Helmet
• Mountain Bike Lights
• Choosing the Right Mountain Biking Shoes
• The Right Way to Wear Mountain Bike Gear
• Protecting Your Wrists
• Warming Up for a Ride
• Preparing for Long-Distance Rides
• Riding in the Rain
• Negotiating a Muddy Trail
• Winter Training
• Getting the Basics Right

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J. R. Robideau "Rob Robideau" says:

Full of Fluff and Non-Sense As an avid mountain biker, I am always looking for good books for beginners to help introduce friends to my favorite sport.This book is not one of them.In some parts, the book talks to the reader like they are a baby with no understanding of anything at all, yet the next paragraph may mention a complicated term or concept with no explanation whatsoever. If there was some degree of consistency, the book would be useful for someone, but as it stands, I cannot recommend it…

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