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Mini Bike Pump With Cycling Accessories Tire Repair Kit, 130 PSI Presta and Schrader Valve Compatible, For Road & Mountain Bicycle, Light Durable Aluminum, Frame Mount, Stong Levers, Gluless Patches

Tired of flat tires on your bike? Want to fix holes quickly instead of buying new tires? Here is the answer.

The BLANST micro bike pump!

Mini bike pump is made with the latest CNC machined technology, the handle is cut out racess to provide a good grip while pumping. The flexible hose also makes it easier to pump without risking damage to the valve or cycle rim. Because of the specially designed inner tube, you can pump your tire up to 130 PSI, ideal for all bikes from BMX to mountain to road bikes. Small, light and aerodynamic, the bike tire pump is suitable for both, professional riders and everyday cyclist.

Your purchase includes:

• 130 PSI Aluminum Mini Bike Pump
• Latest CNC Aluminum Alloy; extremely durable and compact
• MAX Capacity; 130 PSI/9bar
• Dimensions; 7.4 inches (187 mm) long, 0.95 inches (24 mm) wide, extended length 18.5 inches (470 mm)
• Weight; 4.2 ounces (120 g)
• Valve; both PRESTA and SCHRADER without any valve changing
• Strong and Secure Frame Mount Bracket with Velcro Strap


• BONUS 2Pcs of High Quality Tire Levers
• BONUS Box with 6 Pre-glued Patches with Sandpaper
• BONUS Infiltration Needle for Pumping All Kinds of Sports Balls so you can use it as a ball pump
• BONUS BLANST manuals e-book

Be prepared for your next ride with the help of this all in one, top-quality bicycle repair kit with pump.

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Product Features

  • HIGH TIRE PRESSURE – BLANST presta bike pump has a hidden tube and you can pump your tire up to 130 PSI. This is small bike pump for road bikes and mountain bikes. Pump has one adapter for pumping schrader or presta valve.
  • GREAT KIT FOR SMART BIKE RIDERS. This bike accessories kit has all you need for a puncture repair. You will get strong levers and tire repair glueless patches.
  • DO YOU CARE FOR YOUR BIKE? – With normal portable small bike pump you can easly damage your bike tire valve, rim or spokes. But now you can screw the end of the flexible hidden hose onto the valve, make secure there is no leak and attach safely, inflate tire with no damage to bike and the best part is there are no air leaks.
  • GET THE BEST TO LAST – This micro bike pump has no seperate parts! The whole pump is attached together and you cannot lose any part like you can with other pumps. It is made from durable ALUMINUM. Forget being let down with your pump on most remote areas from now on. Now you have all the accessories and tools you need to get home.
  • GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN! – You are making a very intelligent decision doing business with our company. We know you are a big deal, and we will only provide you with the finest product and service around. Add your micro bike pump to your cart, and experience the BEST customer experience phenomenon.

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kelton says:

Awesome!!! Such a great package, and all so compact. I would say that I am excited to use this product but that would mean that Im probably having bike issues, in which case I would be totally prepared for with this kit. Im so glad I found this, I am not a fan of carrying a bunch of weight on me or the bike when I ride but I also like to be prepared so sometimes its a battle, but this kit and pump is just what I needed. The pump mounts perfectly under or inlace of your water bottle holder and everything…

LoveMailOrder says:

YOU NEED THIS GREAT MINI PUMP FOR YOUR BIKE! The BLAST Mini Bike Pump is compact, mounts easily on your bike and works well!• Lightweight: 4.2 oz.• Easy to install: I’m not particularly handy and managed to install it with help from my teenagers or husband.• Multi use: Use it to inflate or add pressure to any of your sports or exercise balls.UNBOXING:Inside the compact box are 9 parts:• The pump• Everything you need to mount it: Mount bracket, bolts and…

P. Robichaux says:

a true 2 in 1 mini bike pump without the hastle I’m very impressed with this little pump. If you’ve ever been on a family ride with typical mini bike pumps, you’ll likely have a mix of shrader and presta valves to service. Unlike other 2 in 1 bike pumps I’ve used where you have to reconfigure the pump head to fit a different valve type, all you have to do for this one in unscrew the valve head to extend it for presta’s or use as is for shrader valves. So much EASIER! Also, unlike other pumps, this screws onto the valve. No more issues of…

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