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Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins

Personalize your Mini with our Color Skin Kit. Fits on all Kryptonite Mini U-Lock (EV & KLS2) models with both 3″ (7.6cm) and 3.25″ (8.2cm) crossbars. Shackle tubing is 17″ (43.1cm) long and will completely cover up to a 7″ (17.8cm) Mini shackle length. Color Skin Kit includes: SHACKLE & CROSSBAR covers and DUSTCOVER parts. Easy to replace. Shown on an Evolution Mini-5 not included – (images shown for illustrative purposes).

Product Features

  • Crossbar and shackle covers
  • Mini size 355-Millimeter
  • Clear dustcover
  • Lock not included

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esqgirl says:

Really easy — don’t worry I got this for my new mini-u lock, to help it match my bike, and to distinguish it from my sweetie’s when we grab them from the bike shed. One of the reviews here made me a bit nervous that it would be a pain to install, so I wanted to come back and report. I think the manufacturer’s instructions might make it seems a little more complicated than it really is, as they cover a lot of contingencies and have hints you might not need. Basically:1. Easily wiggle off the pieces on the…

CookieMonsterSki says:

Hard to install?? If you can’t read instructions… I’m not really sure what other reviewers are talking about. If you follow the instructions and heat the sleeves and bracket and use dish soap to slide the new sleeve on, this is a piece of cake. I’m a woman for the record, so it’s not like this is some sort of “man work.” It took me all of 10 minutes from start to finish and it looks awesome! I got the white skin and I love how crisp, clean and modern it looks. Very cool, will buy more when this one tires out. I took pics and uploaded…

E. Sang says:

Under-rated product that serves it’s purpose perfectly! At the time of this review I have owned my red color skin for nearly 2 months and purchased it for use with my . Unfortunately for Kryptonite, a great product seems to be receiving unnecessarily low reviews.There are currently eleven 1-star and zero 2-star reviews. Of those eleven, there were perhaps three valid complaints or product concerns; however unconventional,…

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