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GVDV Adjustable Road motorcycle & Mountain Bike Helmet with Air Attack Eye Shield Goggles for Adult Men & Women, Teen Boys & Girls – Comfortable , Lightweight , Breathable

Product Features

  • Easy To Adjust – Suitable For Head Circumference ranging from 22.4 to 25 Inches (57-61cm).
  • Polarized Goggles – Protect Your Eyes Away from Wind and Sand, Block UV Away and At The Same Time Give You a Clear Natural Sight.
  • Great Anti-Shock Ability – Built-in Impact Foam Providing Good Protection While Riding Or Doing Other Outdoor Sports.
  • Wind Tunnel Ventilation – With 25 Vents, Built-in Insect Net .
  • Material: EPS + PVC; Detection: Through The CE Certification In Europe And America.

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Susan G. says:

Kinda Cool! I love the looks and the price. The large eye shield is a neat, fashionable look. A few have said I look like a Blow Fly. Everything about the helmet’s construction appears to be good. The only thing is the fit. It does not fit all that well: snug front and back, loose along the sides. I don’t notice it once I am on the road, however. Another thing, the eye shield obviously has a limited life due to scratches and smudges; yet, there is no mention of being able to purchase a replacement…

Bruce C. Martin says:

Nice price on a helmet with magnetic shield Nice price on a helmet with magnetic shield.The one size fits all design fits my large 71/2 head just fine.The shield is easily placed in the up or down position with one hand so it can be taken off, turned upside down and reattached while riding.The only thing is I wished they made a clear shield (the shield is rather dark) or made a shield with a dark upper part and clear or lightly tinted lower part.Does anyone know if the Giro Air Attack shields will work on this…

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