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Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die: Biking Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations

Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die is the ninth addition to the bestselling Fifty Places series by Chris Santella. Biking has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as both a leisure and an extreme exercise activity, and Santella covers trips for cyclists of every level. Fifty Places to Bike covers environments as varied as the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, the Indochina Trail in Vietnam, and the urban jungle of New York City. With a healthy mix of international and national locations, the 50 chapters capture the breathtaking vistas cyclists will enjoy around the world. As always, the places are brought to life with more than 40 stunning color photographs.

Praise for Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die:

“OMG views, killer hills and open road—the routes in Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die (in bookstores this month) have everything a pedal pusher could ask for.” —Fitness magazine

“If you know someone who can’t view a landscape without visualizing themselves traversing it on two wheels, Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die is a sound gift choice.” —The San Francisco Chronicle

“Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die gets adventurous cyclists going in the right direction.” —The Boston Globe

“50 chapters capture breathtaking cycling trails around the world.” —Metrosource magazine

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Alex says:

The Skinny: Tour Guides Plugging Their Businesses — Inspirational Photos — NO Useful Information This book offers some inspirational photos of stunning places to bike, however, there is a certain aftertaste created by the fact that all the essays have been compiled by bicycle touring companies that seemingly want to plug their businesses. You are basically paying for a massive sales pitch, but even as a sales pitch it is flawed.From a formatting and information point of view, I dislike that the tours in the US aren’t all covered under a “USA” umbrella of sorts, but that…

chucksinnc says:

Highly Recommended for the Tour-minded Cyclist If you are interested in tour-cycling, then this book is worth every penny. As a prior review mentioned, the 50 rides profiled in this book are written by individuals from various touring companies and non-profit organizations. This is what makes it good. You are hearing about the rides from the people who know them well. If you are really interested in a ride, you can choose to find a tour company or just use this book as a guide for creating your own tour.What I like most…

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