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Feedback Sports Bicycle Display Stand

The patented design easily holds front or rear wheels without the risk of scratching rims or spokes

Product Features

  • Wheel slot accommodates all types of bikes from 20mm road tires to 2.4” wide MTB
  • Spring loaded arm easily holds front or rear wheel without the risk of scratching rim or spokes
  • Hands free use allows you to roll bike into the wheel slot for storage or display
  • Modular design supports multiple RAKK’s connected together

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S. Namikas says:

Love it I started out leaning my expensive new trek road bike against a workbench in the garage. Until it fell. Happily no damage, but I wanted a stand to prevent more accidents. Came across several do-it-yourself PVC pipe stands online. Tried one, didn’t like it at all. The RAAK and the Willworx both seem to get great reviews here. My local bike store uses the willworx and I didn’t like it much – they seemed to slide around easily, and are designed to accomodate wide mountain bike tires so road bikes…

V. Kirby "Vanessa" says:

Sport RAAK Review I am a road cyclist and started researching bike stands. When I initially looked at the stand I thought it was not going to be stable enough and would be fragile but when I got it was surprised to find out that little assembly was required and works like a charm and the beauty of it is if you have additional bikes you can attach the raaks together which is a great idea. I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for a stand that does not take up alot of space, and is stable.

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