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Exlight Bike Cover Polymer Fabric Extra Heavy Duty Bicycle Bike Cover Meshed Air Vents Mountain Road Electric and Cruiser Bikes As Well Durable Tamper Proof Weatherproof Black And Silver In Color

Exlight is the leading manufacturer in the sports and outdoor department. And following the same trend we at Exlight came up with this super versatile and functional product that will surely help you in your day to day life. This is the new Exlight bike cover with enhanced features and design formulas.


There are some great attributes that we have provided with this product, it comes with a polymer fabric which is waterproof and it is coated with double PU and also encapsulated with dust proof process as well. We have designed this product in such a way that it can withstand the very dangerous UV rays and prevent it to enter so that it does not damage your bikes paint. The fabric is recyclable enhancing its environment friendly character. .


The package comes with this versatile cover, attachments such as webbing, clasp and grommets. We also provide a carry case for easy portability too. This product is specifically designed to withstand storms and strong winds too and also provided it with drawstring hem plus grommets, webbing and clasp. It would fit most bikes with ease and would surely cover all the way to the ground offering stellar protection against any external matter. To experience all this you have to buy and use this product to believe that it is surely an excellent thing and offers great value. .

Product Features

  • The package comes with a bike cover, webbing and clasp, 4-13/16 grommets and also a storage bag. The dimensions of the product are 78 inches long and 44 inches high close to the handlebars. It is around 27 inches wide and 31 inches high close to the saddle.
  • It is made up of polymer fabric which is extremely durable and weather proof. It can withstand any weather easily. Extremely easy to wash and protects your bike from dangerous UV rays.
  • It is completely water proof and dustproof and comes with double PU waterproof coating and also a unique encapsulation process to prevent dust accumulation and penetration. It won’t allow any dust to settle for a long time.
  • Covers the bike or the bicycle fully all the way to the ground, a complete protection system for your beloved bike, comes with meshed air vents for air circulation.
  • Looks really good and comes in neutral colors which will appeal to everybody. Comes with a combination of black and silver and it will fit most bike sizes easily.

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daniel lee smith says:

it is lightweight but sturdy, it stands up to sun and rain very … 0

Amazon Customer says:

Four Stars 0

William L Fehlinger says:

-I especially like the elastic around the bottom of the cover 0

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