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D-Mcark Red Mountain Bike Handle Grips for Bikes

Bicycle horn bilateral Grips
Material: Aluminum alloy + non-slip rubber
Color: black
Weight: 275g
Size: L 14cm x W 4.5cm
Suitable for handlebar diameter of 2.2cm
Package Includes:
1 pair of bicycle handlebar Grips
2*The plugs

Product Features

  • The Comfiest Bike Grips. The cushy surface and wide anatomical contoured design will cut down vibration to relieve pressure and prevents your hands from slipping.
  • Incredibly Strong Clamps. Feature a lock-on clamp at both ends to securely hold these grips on the handlebars. Hundreds of rides later, they will not move an inch!
  • Effortless Installation. Freely adjust the angles for your riding preference. Dip these grips in warm soapy water and slide them onto the bars, twist and turn using a towel for better traction.
  • Extremely Durable Material. It’s made of premium rubber grips and aluminum alloy inner ring that will not irritate your skin or get gummy in the sun. It’s also sturdy and weatherproof.
  • Get a Grip! The red color of these grips will look incredibly sleek on your bike. If your old grips are hard, worn out, or need replacing because of any reason, no need to look further. Get Pro Bike Grips today and improve your riding experience!

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