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Continental Trail King Fold ProTection Bike Tire

The Continental Trail king is an aggressive all-mountain tire. Its high volume and large, well-spaced lugs lend themselves well to rocky, technical trails where grip is at a premium and rolling resistance is less of a consideration. The Trail King is made with Continental’s Apex sidewall, which uses a strip of material above the bead for added stiffness. This allows for lower tire pressures. Continental’s Black Chili compound reacts to surface irregularities more effectively to provide additional grip and lengthen tread life. By the numbers, Black Chili reduces rolling resistance by 20% while adding 30% more grip and improving tread life 5% over Continental’s earlier-generation tire compound.

Product Features

  • BLACK CHILI- Features Continental’s revolutionary Black Chili Compound which reduces rolling resistance by 26% improves grip by 30% and adds 5% more mileage out of your tire.
  • PROTECTION APEX- Floating ply on top of the 3:2 overlap, apex insert and an improved Continental casing rubber done by utilizing a higher rebounding more complaint compound to help the casing better withstand the abuse of WC endure. Topped off with added rubber at the bead to improve retention, minimize burping and ease tubeless-ready setup.
  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY-Continental has been hand making their tires since 1871, maintaining the integrity of tradition, while evolving with the most advanced technology.
  • LIGHT AND AGILE- The Trail King has a light and agile footprint, which when combined with its reasonable weight, rolls exceptionally well and hooks-up over a broad range of conditions.
  • UNIQUE COMPOUND- The special compound structure of the Trail King wears forever and rails whether wet or dry.

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ManiacalResearcher says:

Incredible. Very happy. Increase stopping power and overall control. Two areas people skimp? Brakes and tires. Think about it people.You expect to receive tires. These seem more than tires when you get them. I cant explain it, but it was like unboxing my bikes newest safety features. They look glorious. Very good looking tires.Your tires are the only thing connecting you to the ground. Go ahead and upgrade your suspension all you want, if your tires are weak, you are exposing yourself to risk.Overall, I believe these…

b.mansfield.140 says:

Best 26er ever. This became the best front tire I have ridden on my first ride. I am not a racer just ride trails and I am the slow one in the group but this tire will make me faster. I am riding the 26×2.2 on the front it is setup tubeless using Stand No Tubes at 20 psi as we’re the other tires I mention and this tire is replacing a Maxxis Ardent 26×2.2 20psi and there is no question in my mind that the TRail King is a far better tire in the corners and about the same in the straits and better than the…

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