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Continental 60mm Presta Valve Tube

Continental standard weight presta valve tube. Seamless and mold cured construction. 42mm valve length. Made in China. Fits Size 700 x 18-25mm Seamless, mold-cured manufacturing offers uniform roundness and enhanced reliability at the valve stem Made with a butyl tube compound Threaded, 42mm valve

Product Features

  • Size: 700 x 18 – 25 mm, 27 x 1 .75 in
  • Valve Type: 42 mm Presta, 60 mm Presta
  • Recommended Use: cycling
  • Manufacturer Warranty: limited

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Amazon Customer says:

Some more information not listed… These tubes are specifically for mountain biking (says so on the box) and rated for tires 1.75 to 2.5 inches in diameter (also says so on the box). I weighed them straight out of the box and they are approximately 250 grams. They have a removable presta core so you can fill them with sealant to stop flats. A pair of pliers is plenty to get the core out and you can re-tighten by hand and with the aid of the presta cap. They are great for mountain biking, or for using as a spare if you run a…

John M. Beasley says:

Industry standard 700c tubes, good construction, good price. These are industry standard tubes. Sometimes I hate them and swear I will never buy them again. I just bought 6 more of these for spares. You have to be careful putting the tube in the tire or you can put holes in a new tube. These are not heavy duty tubes Nor puncture resistant. I buy Gatorskin tires that have Kevlar fabric for puncture resistance. Gatorskins are the industry standard top quality tire. These tubes are all you need if you are riding Gatorskin tires. I buy these tubes for all 3…

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