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BV KA36 Alloy Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand, Adjustable for Bikes 24″-28″

The KA36 kickstand is a unique patented design that features push button adjustability. Made of aluminum alloy, it is designed to fit most lightweight, midweight and cruiser bicycles 24″ to 28″ and easily installs with a bottom bracket mount that fits on a bike’s chain stay neck. Riders can adjust their bikes to rest at any angle they want. It is available in ED black or V-Polish silver.

Product Features

  • Designed to fit most lightweight, midweight and cruiser bicycles
  • Adjustable push-button patented design for bikes 24″-28″
  • Bottom bracket mount
  • Any angle stance

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Eduardo Pagani "Love Amazon" says:

NICE, but it did not initially fit my bike. Very nice design and great concept. Well built and looks good too. Impressive for the price. Unfortunately it did not fit my bike (Diamond Back mountain bike). The screw that came with it is too short. I wish I could just get a replacement screw. I looked for other screws in hardware stores, but the threads are too fine and none would fit. Too bad. I truly liked this kickstand, but have to return it.Update. I liked this item so much that I decided to look harder for the…

MMH "Med*SUN" says:

It all depends on you 0

constantinople says:

Best kickstand I have ever owned 0

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