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BV Adjustable Kickstand for Bicycles with Concealed Spring-Loaded Latch, 24-29-Inch

The KA76 kickstand is a unique patented design that features a hidden adjustability latch. The spring-loaded latch lifts up, allowing the foot to smoothly glide along the kickstand and lock into place when the latch is closed. A steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off completely and deters vandals. Adjust the kickstand without any tools, anywhere, anytime.

Made of aluminum alloy, the kickstand is designed to fit most lightweight, midweight and cruiser bicycles 24″ to 29″ and easily installs with a bottom bracket mount that fits on a bike’s chain stay neck. Riders can adjust their bikes to rest at any angle, which is great for balancing bikes in places where the ground is uneven. It is available in ED black or V-Polished silver.

The reinforced plastic foot has a non-slip sole to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and sinking in mud.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Bicycle size: 24″-29″
Dimensions: 14″-16.5″ x 0.5″-2″ x 1.5″
Weight: 0.56 lbs.

Product Features

  • Spring-loaded latch for adjusting the length of the kickstand, tool-less on-the-go adjustability
  • Non-slip sole and wide reinforced plastic foot prevents slipping and sinking in mud
  • Steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off the kickstand and deters vandals
  • Any angle stance (great for balancing bikes on uneven ground)
  • For bicycles 24″-29″

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bluffwalker says:

Well designed and engineered, great for a 29r Mountain Bike In the past, kickstands on my bikes have been little more than simple metal rods. I am pleased that this one boasts design elements that improve its function and appearance. The stand has the right curves and rotating parts to be out of the way when it’s up and to provide level support when it’s down. The stand has a nice click mechanism when moved from one position to another. The adjustable height creates a perfect fit for my 29r bike. The only installation annoyance was that the…

Dylan Pitcairn says:

The Best Kickstand, No Exceptions Edit: I just went to the hardware store to buy another longer bolt to fit this kickstand to a different bike. It was a 3/8-16 bolt. I used a 2.5″ bolt for the new bike, since the included ones were not long enough.Prior to buying this kickstand, I was never really satisfied with the generic kickstands sold with bikes. They tended to be either too tall or too short with no real way to adjust them. Changing tires (from a rugged tire to a street slick) would alter the height of the…

Brandon says:

Sturdy kickstand, handles larger wheel sizes, and fits Diamondback Sorrento bikes, great!!!

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