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Blusmart ® Bike Computer With Waterproof Touch Mode 22 Functions Large Screen Display with Green Backlight Wired LCD Smart Odometer Bicycle Speedometer


1. The wire connected the sensor and the bracket can be as long as 80cm, it’s long enough for your use. And the distance between the transmitter and magnet not more than 1.5mm

2.Water resistant, but avoid it exposed longer to the rain and water as it may absorb through. In case the device will not working very well because of water, remove the battery and let it dry.

3. It can be easily mounted on any direction, horizontal or vertical, suitable for Bike, Mountain Bike.

4.The bike computer is manual switch, as the computer can not work when enter into sleep mode, so when you start riding, please touch the to awake the computer.


Dimensions: 65mm*46mm*11mm

Weight: 80g

Battery: 12V/CR2032

Screen: LCD display


1. Record traffic speed (SPD)

2. Record the total traffic mileage (ODO)

3. Record the single lane mileage (DST)

4. The maximum driving speed (MXS)

5. Show driving average speed (AVS)

6. Show driving time (TM)

7.12 / 24-hour clock (CLK)

8. Automatic circulatory function (SCAN)

9. Comparison prompt (“+” “-“)

10.Miles set (KM / hr, M / hr)

11. Tire circumference setting (SET)

12. The total length of the initial value setting (SETTING TYRE CIRCUMFERENCE)

13. Driving data sampling function (FREEZE FRAME MEMORY)

14. Maintenance reminder function (MAINTENANCE ALERT)

Package Includes:

1 x Bike Computer

1 x Magnet

1 x Bracket connected with Sensor

1 x CR2032 Battery

6 x Cable tie

1 x User manual

Product Features

  • Touch Mode allow you to control the bike computer by gently touching. Just like control your iPhone by finger, now you’re allowed to control a bike computer by gently touching during riding without pressing forcefully.
  • Large LCD Screen Display with green backlight allow you to read the digital easily remotely, especially in the deep dark night or in the long tunnel. Only one touch on the MODE or SET will turn on the backlight.
  • Convenient and Fast to record the speed and mileages without any delay. Just one touch when you start ride again, this bike computer will record your riding directly at any time.
  • 22 Function to meet your different riding needs. This bike computer not only can record your riding data like Speed comparing, Average, Maximum, Relative, Riding time, Riding distance, but also can record calorie and fat you consumed, temperature, stopwatch and so on.
  • Waterproof design makes it more durable. The outline of the bike computer is simple and cool, what’s more with the waterproof design, it will always keep in fashion and new.

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