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Bike Pump, URPOWER® Mini Bicycle & Ball Portable Pump – Road, Mountain Or BMX Bike Tire Pump, Presta & Schrader Compatible, Premium CNC Aluminum Alloy, Lightweight & Compact


URPOWER mini bike pump is a light weight design for road use, with the efficient features that pumps to 100psi. Weighing in at just 3.2oz, the mini bike pump features aluminum alloy construction with a dual-action head and silver handle for a secure grip as you pump. Road-ready, and can easily mount to your bike frame with a mounting bracket and is both Schrader and Presta compatible.


Twist the pump handle about 90 degrees and the handle will release. DON’T pull the handle OUT with too much force, or you might break the plastic locking collar inside of the pump. It will come out/lock in easily when you have the pump handle turned to the right position.


1. Unscrew valve cap by turning it counter-clockwise.

2. Pull out rubber valve and flip it around.

3. Pull out valve insert and flip it around.

4. Reinsert all components back into the pump in the following order: valve insert, rubber valve, valve cap.


1. Unscrew valve cap from tire.

2. Place pump nozzle on top of the tire valve firmly. Make sure the thumb-lock lever on the back of the nozzle head is down(open position) when you are putting it on the valve.

3. Lift the lever up into the closed position after placing the nozzle on the tire valve.

4. Pump air into tire.

5. When finished, flip the lever back down to remove the pump and replace the tire valve cap.


1 X URPOWER Bike Pump

1 X Bike Frame Mounting Bracket

1 X Rubber Band

2 X Screws

1 X Ball Pump Needle

Product Features

  • TOUGH AND DURABLE. Aluminum alloy material and CNC Construction, this bike pump won’t break and you will always be able to deal with a flat tire no matter how far from home.
  • SUPER COMPACT AND ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT. This Bike Tire Pump is almost weightless (3.2oz) and extremely compact (7.48″ x 1.38″ when not in use) so you can attach it to your bike frame with the included bike frame mounting kit, keep it in your bike bag or just carry it in a small bag. It’s the best choice for a bike tire pump because it’s super easy to take anywhere with no effort.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION. This light-weight, durable mini bike pump is designed to combine convenience and ease of use, with the ability to pump inflation to 100psi. It’s designed to accommodate most popular bike tire valves, and works great for all kinds of inflatable items like ball(ball inflation needle included), air pillows, air mattresses, children’s inflatable pools and other toys.
  • PRESTA & SCHRADER VALVE COMPATIBLE. This new pump in the market is COMPATIBLE with PRESTA and SCHRADER bike valves. Easy to switch between the 2 positions. FREE ACCESSORIES include MOUNTING BRACKET & SCREWS that allows you to have the water bottle cage mounted at the same time. We take every step to make sure you are taken care when using URPOWER Dual- Action Bike Pump.
  • GIVE IT A TRY! Dual-Action Mini Bike Pump has been carefully designed and tested extensively to ensure it delivers the highest performance and satisfaction to our customers. YOU ARE PROTECTED BY NO-QUESTION ASKED 30 -DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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Tom, The Squirrel Whisperer "You got to be Sq... says:

Remember it is for EMERGENCY situations – not daily use – then you will see why it is 5 star Yes, the URPOWER bicycle pump is compact, comes with a clip to attach to a bicycle rail and is an “attach it and forget it” device. You should always be sure that your bike is good mechanical condition, including the tires, before beginning any ride, and not intentionally ride on worn inner-tubes that you know constantly need refilling. This bike pump moves a very small volume of air with every every pump of your arm, but it will fill a tire, and if…

Super ReviewR says:

Does what it needs to do. Great pump. This pump is very compact and is perfect for short or long bike rides because it’s super lightweight and mounts onto the bike easily. It comes with a mount that you just attach underneath your water bottle carrier. One of the really good things about this pump is that it works for either presta or shrader valves. This comes in handy when I ride with my friends because not everyone has the same type of tires. It also comes with a ball pump needle but it’s not really necessary…

JaysonJennyReviews says:

Bike Pump I like how you can put this pump right on your bike so you wont lose it . I haven’t tried to bump a bike tire but i did use it for a few of my kids soccer and footballs they have that was a little flat . It pumped them up nicely . It is really easy to use just like a air pump at a gas station but with out the air of course . You get everything you need to pump up things. This pump is solid and you will need to twist the pump handle then the handle will release and then you pump it to blow up…

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