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Bike Pump, HODGSON Aluminum Alloy Portable Bike Floor Pump, Mountain, Road, Hybrid & BMX Bike Tire Pump, Floor Bicycle Air Pump Compatible with Presta & Schrader Valve & Sports Ball


Keep It Real says:

Tiny little surprise!! I believe this is the first review from someone who has actually purchased it. It’s very small. I does not move a lot of air. The tire bars and patch kit appear nice and I like the way the bars nest together. So, I took a 26″ wheel with a 1.5″ Streetwise tire on it that I normally run 60-65 lbs. I flattened it completely. I screwed this pump on and went to town. At a very slow pace. After about a 80 pumps I put my floor pump on it and it was not yet at 20 lbs. I ran the tire up to 65…

Anonymous says:

I don’t have a bike—but my nephew does—so when I was offered this bike pump with patch supplies by HODGSON at a discount to try in exchange for an honest review I was glad to do so. What I didn’t expect was that it would be good for so many other things.For events that I have I always have toys that need to be aired up as well as balloons that have to be blown up. This pump comes with everything you need to handles those jobs as well, quickly and easily. I’m sharing pictures of…

Anonymous says:

Having two Bicycles and a bunch of different styles of balls,that constant require to be filled with air,calls for decent air pump!The mini Pump:——————–Pump was a real surprise in two folds! Size and performance! Tiny is an understatement for this pump,as you can see in my comparison pictures,this pump is actually smaller in size than an iPhone 6! When it comes to performance,I was really surprised at the quality and ease of use! Works right out of the…

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