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Bike Mount- Emixc Universal Phone Bicycle &Motorcycle Holder 360 Degrees Rotatable Cradle Clamp for iOS Android GPS Rubber Strap Fit Any Smartphone

❤❤❤STORE ON SALE Price $10.99 During 01/Jan-31/Feb.

Emixc Bicycle & Motorcycle Holder Features:

Attractive design
Provides full support for holding your phone while providing full access to your screen and buttons while riding. Some of the benefits to be had from using the Bike Phone Mount include:
phones for maximum safety while riding
Easy and quick access to GPS for map assistance while riding
Convenient Fitness Tracking by monitoring health and workout data with your favorite health app while riding

Super Safe Smart Phone Mount: Grips Your Device in Two Ways!
The Bike Phone Holder is designed to securely mount your phone while riding yet not get in the way. This highly protective and lightweight phone mount is specifically designed to enhance your riding experience while remaining non-obstructive so it seems as though the mount isn’t even there.

Benefit for:
The Emixc holder can accommodate any device with width between 2.75 inches and 4.33 inches. This includes DVRs, digital cameras, small tablets etc. It frees your hand so that you get to have the most fun without getting lost or bored. The extendable cradle arms hold your device in place while the rubber grip double secures it so that your device stays nicely tucked in

Package included:
1xBicycle & Motorcycle Holder

Product Features

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤STORE ON SALE PRICE $10.99 During 01/Jan-31/Feb.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤MULTIPLE PROTECTION:Non-slip Rubber Grip Cradles Secures Your Device All-around to Guard Against Any Accidental Falls. Protect Your Device on Your next Thrilling Journey Perfectly.
  • CUSTOMER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED:Fits any phone. Doesn’t matter how big or how small;Button to release;The elastic band can hold the device firmly. Would like to have it a little bigger to support bigger phones but it still works;The mount on the handle bar of the bike is very firm. No need to worry about it dropping;Good material.Not some cheap plastic;Adjustable and flexible and 360 Rotatable; Easy to use the phone when riding the bike;it fits over the 4 corners on each side of iPhone.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE:Screw the Flipper to Hold Firmly and Remove the Mount Easily by Hand.
  • ROTATAABLE BY 360 DEGREES:It Presents the Best Viewing Angle on Handlebars full phone access to your entire phone screen, buttons and mic jack too, unlike annoying sleeve designs that require you to remove your device to use it.
  • PRACTICAL AND USEFUL:Keeps Your Device Within Reach Anytime; Simple Push on the Button to Instantly Release Your Phone.This handlebar cell phone holder provides full access to your entire phone screen, buttons, mic and jacks allowing for ultimate ease of use for GPS apps, FITNESS apps, or MUSIC. Mounting your Android, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6s Plus to your mountain bike has never gotten easier.

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multiman08 says:

Attach my iPhone -lov it

Anonymous says:

This mount is very well made and easy to assemble and install on the handlebars. The clamp mechanism closes tightly on the phone, and there is a push button release when you wish to remove the phone. It comes with an elastic holder that you can pull over each corner of the phone and it keeps it even more secure. I cannot see any way of losing your phone once it is attached. There were no instructions included but if you look at the pictures in the main listing it has a diagram of how it…

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