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Bike Computer, Waterproof Multifunction Cycling Speedometer with Backlit Display, 60g Wireless Multi Functional Bicycle Odometer (Black)

After receiving the bike computer
1.Attach the computer sensor to the fork opposite your brakes on the front wheel mount.
You can attach the sensor at any point along the fork, so choose a location that will be easy for you to access.
The distance between the sensor and the magnet must not exceed 1.5CM.
2.Attach the computer mount to your handlebars in a location that is easy for you to see.
The computer’s display will go in this mount, so it must be in a location that is easily visible.
The distance between the sensor and the computer can not exceed 60CM.
3.Enter the diameter of your front bicycle tire into the computer.
This information is usually printed on the tire itself or will appear in your bicycle’s user manual.
Your computer must know the tire diameter in order to calculate your speed accurately.
4.Turn the tire to ensure the computer sensor is detecting the magnet as it goes by.
Your computer display will show a nonzero speed value if the sensor is working correctly.

1.Record traffic speed
2.Record the total traffic mileage
3.Record the single lane mileage
4.The maximum driving speed
5.Show driving average speed
6.Show driving time
7.12 / 24-hour clock
8.Trip distance
9.Two bicycle using
10.Wireless Transmission
11.Maintenance reminder function

Power source: Button Cell Batteries
Package weight:60g

Package Includes
1 * Computer
1 * Magnet
1 * Sensor
1 * Button Cell Batteries
1 * User Manual
4 * Cable ties

1 year warranty and customer service to support the product. The Button batteries is not under the warranty

Product Features

  • Wireless and waterproof design makes it more convenient and durable. Long gone are the days of a bunch of ugly, tangled wires on your handlebars, and no need to worry about rain.
  • Big LCD display with big numbers and high soft brightness, so you can easily use and see the stats even you are riding.
  • Main function, odometer record riding speed ,distance, riding time., also have seconds counter and temperature display. so easy to help you scientifically arrange cycling training.
  • The bike computer header easy to revolve, easy to setup on transversal or Vertical handlebar.
  • The fact that the bike computer is suitable to all types of bicycles: mountain biking, road cycling, folding bike, common bicycle.

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Pham Ngoc Phuong Chi says:

A nice tool to help push yourself harder I recently bought a bike computer for my road bike after a good 2 years of using an old one on my mountain bike. The old one has been really reliable, and is still going strong, but I was keen to finally determine what my cadence was at any given time without having to resort to counting while guessing how long a second was, or counting while checking a a timer for 30 seconds. It seemed that, within the Cateye range, the Strada Cadence fit the bill for what I was after, and within the…

ClaphamIn gemar says:


Anonymous says:

For the price i love it. I ride everyday to work all year 3 am departure. i have no real need for the expensive models. this does all i need! I have read complaints about it not working, wondering if they have the sensor properly positioned, it has a very low tolerance for out of position.. I had no problems with both of them i have. i agree with others way to many functions , who cares about all that other useless info! but with all the only info i need on the home screen i never need to touch…

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