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Balaclava [7 in 1] Premium Ski ✮ Face Mask Motorcycle or Tactical ✮ Unisex/Kids

Trophy Line Multi-Function Premium Quality Sports Balaclava Mask [6 in 1]

Comfort and Protection from the Sunny, Cold, Windy, and Dusty Conditions with Trophy Line’s Multi-Function Sports Balaclava Mask!

This 6 in 1 Sports Balaclava allows you to create all kinds of different styles! It is thin enough to wear under a helmet, but also durable enough to wear by itself! Go hiking, bicycling, motorcycling, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, paintballing, camping, mountain climbing, jogging, trekking, snowmobiling, outdoor work, and anything else you can think of!

The 100% polyester moisture wicking material is eco-friendly plus it allows for breathability and protection at the same time! Newly designed with the customer in mind featuring an extra layer of fabric that covers both ears providing ultimate protection during cold and windy environments! Has very natural fit compared to other masks! Interior of masks are smooth to the skin and odorless!

We believe you’ll love Trophy Line’s Sports Balaclava so much that we dare you to: Order It and Try It! Love It, Keep It! Do not like it? Write us an email and receive a FULL refund! NO questions asked! The only regret customers have is that they didn’t buy it sooner! Don’t forget to pick some up for the family and friends! Great as a gift! Supplies limited!

Product Features

  • ✮ VOTED 4.8 out of 5 STARS: PROTECTION IS VITAL: Premium Quality Face Balaclava will provide ultimate protection from the elements of: Wind, Water, Snow, and Sun! You’ll quickly be amazed how much this balaclava will help you! Lightweight and breathable enough to wear underneath any helmet or hood! Durable and comfortable to wear by itself! Added second layer of material to keep ears warm!
  • ✮ RISK FREE 100% GUARANTEED: Order it, try it! If you don’t like it, let us know and we will offer you a full refund, no questions asked! We are that confident you’ll love it! You have nothing to lose!
  • ✮ MADE OUT OF 100% POLYESTER: Material is highly breathable, extremely durable, moisture wicking, wrinkle-free, lightweight, portable and comfortable, quick drying and machine washable. After numerous tests, we figured polyester would be the best material for all types of conditions! One size fits all! NO Odor! Interior is soft to the skin with no irritation! Designed for women and men!
  • ✮ ALL YEAR ROUND: Balaclavas are perfect in cold or sunny weather! Can be used for: snowboarding, paintballing, motorcycling, jogging, running, hiking, skiing, bicycling, snowmobiling, mountain climbing, camping, fishing, trekking, hunting, and many other uses!
  • ✮ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND VERSATILE STYLES: You can wear this as open and closed balaclava, neck warmer, beanie, hat, or scarf! Adjustable in 6 different wearing styles! Can be worn on its own and not too thick to be used as added protection and insulation under any type of helmet or hat! Extra long neck allows balaclava to be tucked into shirt to protect from cold!

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jamesvta says:

Wonderful, affordable, and most importantly keeps you WARM! The Trophy Line Balaclava is great for all outdoor activities. I mainly use mine for snowboarding, hiking, and most recently for a business trip out to the midwest. This balaclava is adaptable and can be worn in multiple ways!Before I had left to Chicago from Southern California it was well above 70 degrees. When I had arrived to Chicago, it was well below 10 degrees fahrenheit, and with windshields it reached negative temperatures! What a…

Man Sze Tsui says:

Expectations exceeded!! I bought this balaclava with the expectation that this mask wouldn’t be very warm and the insides would cause my face to itch. To my surprise, the balaclava feels so smooth against my face and just wears so naturally. I usually wear my balaclava when cycling. When cycling, it can become a little too chilly for my liking so this mask provides the needed warmth and protection. As I sweat, the mask surprisingly stays dry and allows the sweat to dissipate thus keeping my head dry! The…

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