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ArcEnCiel Mountain Road Bike Tube Bag Pannier


CplMarcum says:

This is a great bag I love it This bag is incredible. It holds a lot of little stuff like keys, wallet, tools, and much more. I saw a few reviews saying that this bag bounces around and doesn’t stay in place no matter how you tighten it. I’m not sure they knew what they were doing because it fits great on my Trek navigator 100. I road off road, on road, and even did things that the bike wasn’t meant to do and I haven’t had a single problem with it moving at all. I didn’t use any extra Velcro or string to hold it in place. I…

Joseph B. says:

Great bag! I really like this bag for longer rides where you need to bring more gear in case you have a breakdown. This bag is large enough to hold just about anything you’d need to take care of your bike on a long ride. I bring a few wrenches, a set of hex keys, a tube peeler and a first aid kit all the time. and that is just on one side, the other side I keep my phone wallet and keys in the main pouch and if I’m riding alone or at night I carry a small pistol that fits perfectly in the outside pouch and…

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