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Mountain Biking Moab, 2nd: A Guide to Moab’s Greatest Off-Road Bicycle Rides (Regional Mountain Biking Series)

We flock to it in droves to pay homage to what many consider the North Shore, the Mount Everest, the Vatican, the Taj Mahal, the Empire State Building, the Marilyn Monroe of mountain biking — Moab, Utah. But mind you, Moab is not for everyone. Nowhere is the terrain more challenging or more dangerous. Nowhere is the penalty stiffer for screwing up. But if mountain bikers don’t ride Moab, they will forever dream of what could have been. Moab is simply the best mountain bike destination on earth. No question. No controversy. No ifs, ands, or buts. It gets under your skin. Come here once, and you will come again and again.

From this book mountain bikers can expect exhaustive and comprehensive trail descriptions, from beginner to advanced, GPS-quality, digitally designed relief maps detailing each ride, and accurate profiles maps showing the ups and downs of each route. In addition, detailed directions get cyclists to the ride without getting them lost. Detailed mile-by-mile directional cues are also provided with difficulty ratings, elevation gain, trail contacts, and much more.
Moab is a mecca for mountain bikers, who come from around the world to ride its challenging trails. Whether you’re a newcomer to the area or a frequent fat-tire flier, Mountain Bike America: Moab is a great addition to your fanny pack. Local cyclist Lee Bridgers blends his passion for mountain biking with his obvious love of Moab, describing 49 rides ranging from easy (Old Moab Highway, Dalton Wells) to “very difficult to abusive” (Porcupine Rim). Each starts with an overview–where to start, how far the ride is, how long you can expect it to take, warnings, environmental concerns, and how to get there–before launching into a detailed description of what you’ll experience along the way, be it slick rock, deep sand, dinosaur tracks, or rusted mining equipment. Bridgers is careful to point out places where cyclists should use caution, encouraging less experienced riders to dismount–“if you are pushing a mountain bike, you are still mountain biking. Live to ride tomorrow.” Detailed maps will help you plan your days–especially the cross-sections of each ride’s ups and downs. Throughout the book, Bridgers emphasizes the need to protect the environment–“as mountain bikers we had better learn to co-exist with nature or else we’ll lose the privileges to enjoy it from the saddle”–and offers up stories from his experiences as one of Moab’s leading bike tour guides. Special sections on safety (carry more water than you think you’ll need), bike selection and repair, Moab-necessary techniques (sand riding, dealing with flies), and area food, lodging, and services make this a useful all-around resource. –Sunny Delaney

Product Features

  • Author: Lee Bridgers
  • ISBN: 9780762728008

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GO PRO, Sun Valley, Mountain Bike Downhill, BC Images

Some Go Pro mountain bike action at Sun Valley. I threw in a little KMFDM this time and shortened it up, get out and ride!

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Gee Atherton “Picture by Christophe Bortels”


Gee Atherton ’

Picture by Christophe Bortels for Landscape Magazine

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Dividing the Great

Kindle best seller in US Travel.
An hilarious account of a couple of wanna be mountain bikers as they race the Great Divide route from Canada to Mexico. Amazon reviews:
‘What a great book, interesting, witty and well written. I had difficulty putting the book down and thoroughly enjoyed it.’
‘Couldn’t put this down. John Metcalfe does one of the hardest cycle routes in the world without complaining.’
‘Just finished reading Dividing the Great on my new Kindle, absolutely loved the book, well written and very witty.’
‘This is a fun ride! Filled with poignant and astute descriptions that almost make John and JK’s great bike ride into a cinematic experience, this book combines sharp writing with an even better story…Read it on a balmy Sunday afternoon with a pitcher of something cool… you won’t be disappointed.’
‘The author is a great story teller who weaves the daily accounts of the journey with his friend JK, with a range of social, economic, historical and geographical facts…Equally, the alpha male rivalry between John and JK helps maintain a subtle tension in the story until the final pages adding to the many layers in this well-crafted book. It’s a great book that I found hard to put down. The light hearted account masks a seriously tough achievement.’

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Specialized Enduro 29er–Bike Magazine’s Exclusive R&D Story.mp4

Specialized kept a tight lid on this story. A 29er Enduro? It’s a bike that no one predicted would ever be built. And why should it when the 26er Enduro is a…

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Mettet Superbiker Race Start

Going for the Bar Drag at night!

Orient-Express: Star Trails over the Matterhorn

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