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Mountain Biking

Pyramid Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net, Black

This Pyramid Bungie cargo net will fit any standard bicycle rack and most oversized racks. It is perfect for carrying odd shaped items that won’t fit on your rack normally.

Product Features

  • Fits most racks
  • Great for carrying odd shaped items

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A3 NEWS Police Service Mountain Bike 01-06-2009

La sicurezza a Vicenza passa da Campo Marzo. Il crocevia della droga tenuto sotto stretta sorveglianza dagli agenti della polizia locale che anche quest’ ann…

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Palatial views from Red Bull Ride the Palace

Avenir Flo Dual Mini Pumps (Black)

Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from legendary Raleigh Bicycles.Keep your bike tires fully inflated regardless of your valve type with the Avenir Flo dual mini bike pump. The pump boasts a two-way auto head that’s compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, making it an ideal choice for people who own more than one bike. Other features include a T-handle mounting bracket that attaches securely to your bike frame, a 6036-T6 alloy body with a CNC alloy locking lever, a co-molded Krayton-covered handle for comfort, and a silver/black color.

Product Features

  • Dual mini bike pump for inflating multiple tire types
  • Compatible with both Schrader and Presta type valves
  • T-handle mounting bracket attaches to your bike frame
  • 6036-T6 alloy body with CNC alloy locking lever
  • Col-molded Krayton handle; silver/black color

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Downhill Mountain Biking at Vedder Mountain – Boostmaster Editing Contest Entry V2

My second entry for JordanBoostmaster’s editing contest.

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Mountain Bike Riding

Cat Eye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer (Black) CC-RD300W

The Cateye Strada Wireless does everything right: It has a minimalist design. It’s thin, it’s small, but the screen is sizeable enough that reading the two rows of data is a breeze. And to scroll through the seven modes all you need to do is press the bottom of the computer face. It’s wireless, it installs without tools, and it can attach to any model handlebar and virtually any model stem. You get current, max, and avg speed; total and trip distance, plus a 2nd trip distance; you also get elapsed time and a clock.

Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

Sleek, powerful, and wireless. With large screen and ClickTec design.

Packed with functions but free from wires, the Strada Wireless bicycle computer is a powerful tool for any style of riding. Boasting the largest screen and numbers in its class, your selected mode displays at the bottom of the screen, while your current speed appears at the top in huge, easy-to-read numerals. An up/down arrow tells you how your current speed compares to your average speed.

Thanks to the new CatEye ClickTec interface, you can switch among seven modes by simply pressing the bottom of the computer face–easy to do, even on rough terrain.

The innovative FlexTight bracket mounts quickly, securely and tool-free to virtually any handlebar or stem. The new tool-free wheel sensor mounts effortlessly to most road and mountain forks.

Key Functions: Speed functions: current, average, and maximum Speed range: 0 to 105.9 kilometers per hour / 0 to 65.9 miles per hour Distance functions: total distance, trip 1 distance, trip 2 distance Total distance range: 99,999 kilometers / 62,136 miles Trip 1 distance range: 999.99 kilometers / 621 miles Trip 2 distance range: up to 999.99 kilometers (621 miles) or 1000 to 9999.9 kilometers (621 to 6213 miles) Elapsed time: up to 10 hours Clock: 12/24 hour settings Pace arrow: Yes Auto power saving: Yes Auto mode: Yes Dual tire size: Yes Technical Specifications: Wireless transmission: Speed [analog sensor] Tire size: 100 to 3999 millimeters (default A: 2096 millimeters / default B: 2096 millimeters) Batteries: two CR2032 (one for computer, one for sensor) Battery life–computer: approximately 1 year (1 hour of use per day) Battery life–sensor: approximately 10,000 kilometers / 6,250 miles in total distance Computer dimensions: 46.5 by 31 by 16 millimeters Weight: approximately 22 grams

Product Features

  • Slim wireless bicycle computer with easy-to-program ClickTec touchscreen interface and wheel sensor
  • Displays current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, and more
  • Large digital display with easy to read numbers and one-touch functionality
  • Easy tool free mounting of computer and sensor; computer fits virtually all handlebar stems; sensor compatible with road and MTB forks
  • Runs on two CR2032 batteries; two-year limited warranty

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Extreme Downhill Mountain Biking-Extreme Adrenaline Rush

Downhill races have typical staggered start to lower the chances of crashing. The bikers ride down the hill with a matchless speed. Many Downhill races are o…

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Hafjell, Pic by Vegard Breie

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