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Mountain Biking Hut to Hut: Telluride to Moab (Regional Mountain Biking Series)

This unique mountain bike guide provides cyclists with all the information, maps, and directions necessary to take a self-guided tour of the famous Telluride to Moab Hut-to-Hut trail system.

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Mammoth Mountain Bike Trip July 2011

Our annual Mountain BIke trip.

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Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike (18.5 Inch, Satin Copper)

Introducing the do it all Jeep Comanche 29er Mountain Bike! Starts off with a hand crafted, light-weight 6061 aluminum frame that exudes quality. Shimano Tourney 21 speed shifters and rear derailleur provide lightning fast and accurate shifting. A Radius 165mm front disc brake and rear linear pull brake ensure that you stop on a dime. When you hit the trails, you will immediately notice the zero flex that the oversize 31.8 alloy handle bar and stem provide, giving you confidence as you tackle tricky single track. CST Caballero 28 x 2.25 tires provide plenty of traction in all conditions. The Jeep Comanche 29er is finished in a beautiful satin finish copper that will turn heads wherever you ride. Available in 18.5 inch frame size, 23.25 inch virtual top tube.Whether you’re looking to rip through a tough mountain trail or commute a few miles to work, the Jeep 29er Comanche mountain bike does it all. The 18.5-inch bike is outfitted with a lightweight, handcrafted aluminum frame with forged drop outs, along with a Zoom 29er suspension fork with 65mm of travel. As a result, you can easily cruise through tough bumps and nasty branches without penalty. The oversized 31.8mm alloy handlebar and stem, meanwhile, provide zero flex, giving you plenty of confidence as you tackle tricky single track. And riders will love the Shimano Tourney 21-speed shifters and rear derailleur, which provide lightning fast, accurate shifting. Additional details include a sure-stopping 165mm Radius front disc brake and rear linear pull brake; CST Caballero 28 x 2.25 tires that provide plenty of traction in all conditions; and a beautiful satin copper finish guaranteed to turn heads.

Product Features

  • 18.5-inch mountain bike with lightweight, handcrafted aluminum frame
  • Zoom 29er suspension fork with 65mm of travel ideal for tough trails
  • Oversized 31.8mm alloy handlebar and stem; rear linear pull brake
  • Shimano Tourney 21-speed shifters and rear derailleur; Radius front disc brake
  • CST Caballero 28 x 2.25 tires; beautiful satin copper finish

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Mountain Bike Magazine’s Complete Guide To Mountain Biking Skills: Expert Tips On Conquering Curves, Corners, Dips, Descents, Hills, Water Hazards, And Other All-Terrain Challenges

Expert tips on conquering curves, corners, dips, descents, hills, water hazards and other all-terrain challenges.

Hit the dirt!

From breaking to bunny hopping, speed jumping to switchbacks– here are the skills you need to catch big air and experience the best of off-road riding.

* Selecting the right rig for you and your budget.
* Step-by-step drills for clearing obstacles, popping wheelies and more.
* How to hammer it and ride faster than you ever thought possible.
* Seven ways to stay alive by avoiding face plants, biffs and other crash landings.
* All-weather strategies for plowing through mud, rain and snow.
* Pro advice on entering your first off-road race.
* Riding responsibly to save the trails.
* Planning the perfect tour and enjoying a fat-tire vacation.
* Tons more practical info for aspiring and die-hard dirtheads.

You also get skill-building techniques and strategies from world-class mountain bikers, including

* Ned Overend, six-time NORBA national champion
* John Tomac, 1994 NORBA downhill champion
* Juli Furtado, 1995 World Cup champion
* Missy Giove, 1994 world downhill champion
* Tinker Juarez, 1994 NORBA national champion
* Mike King, 1993 world downhill champion
If road riding is the arrogant godfather of the cycling world, mountain biking is the fun-loving, black-sheep stepson. The Mountain Bike magazine editors reflect this spirit, tuning their highly accessible guide to both those with dreams of widowmaker descents as well as others just looking for a pleasant Sunday spin on scenic dirt roads. Breaking the sport down into lively yet informative chapters–complete with cartoons and amusing anecdotes–they cover the basics and then some. All technical skills are addressed, including bunny hopping, high-speed cornering, and the terribly elegant nose wheelie. The guide also includes a comprehensive section on cycling fitness and customizing a training program for would-be racers. No one is alienated here, but if you fancy yourself an expert rider, you might want to look elsewhere. This guide is geared more toward the novice whose journey has only just begun. –Ben Tiffany

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Halloween Mountain Biking

We hope you enjoy this creepy, special Halloween Shot on the Canon Rebel T2i with the Glidecam XR-1000 and the GoPro HERO3+ Black…

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Maxxis Ignitor Exception EVO Cross Country Bike Tire

The Ignitor tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and already has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. The well-spaced tread pattern fills in nicely to provide low rolling resistance in the straights, while the ramped pentagonal knobs provide excellent traction in the corners and in medium soil. Features & Benefits: Designed to roll fast and hook up in medium to loose conditions. Race-proven eXCeption Series 62a compounds. Excellent multi-condition performance.

Product Features

  • TPI: 120
  • Bead: Foldable
  • Max PSI: 65
  • Weight: 590
  • Durometer 62a

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Calavera Lake Mountain Biking

Me and a buddy hitting the Calavera Lake trail. I’m filming with with an Emerson HD Action Camera with the helmet mount and recording on a ScanDisk 32gb clas…

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Mountain Biking the White Mountains, West (Regional Mountain Biking Series)

Contains thorough descriptions of 46 mountain bike rides in the western portion of New Hampshire’s rugged White Mountains.

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CWC Outdoor Education Mountain Biking

Students enjoy off-road bicycle-riding while learning basic riding techniques, maintenance, risk management and clothing and equipment selection.

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