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What Does 2017 Have In Store For Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 96 – VIDEO


Bobulous 91 says:

scott looks like sam gamgee from lord of the rings

David Giesing says:

I laughed my balls off with the Blake quiz, hilarious!

Ethan Sanquist says:

How do U submit a bike for bike vault

Jacks Jamz says:

a chicken and bacon pastie?!?! that's ain't a pastie hahaa

Andreas Harboe says:

Good work on those onions, Blake. You're a trooper!

Chris Leclair says:

Welcome to the team, Blake. Martyn, no hats in the bike vault!

clive ramsbotty says:

fuck yeah ohlins. brembo next hopefully.

MrKmpm says:

why are the shoutout videos never linked in the description? i would really like to watch the show and watch the shoutout vids right after but then i always have to search through it again to find the titles/names

Duncan De hulst says:

Blake if you said that the guys over taped, you can never over tape. The answer to ductape not working is more ductape :)

Luis O.F. says:

Scott should eat an onion for saying "O-hilins" instead of "Oh-lins"

ventrel blinki says:

i live in coedpoeth by llandegla we can ride to gether

Jeremy Marquardt says:

Neil, wheelieing a plus or fat bike should be harder due to the contact patch of the larger tires. Test with more pressure in the tires and it should be easier. Love the channel and all you guys do. KIU!

Pienimusta says:

People crying about Martyn wearing cap at shed….
Martyn is the Sherif, he makes the rules.

Cj T says:

Brutal quiz and well played – no holding back on that onion

Julio Laborda says:

Does bike geometry affect manuals? If it does in which way, does it affect it?

Peter Woods says:

Thumbs up for the new presenter! :-)

DayTime Dave says:

Good on yae fella, i love oils, but that would not be me.

Robinators says:

Blake is cool

Leonard Fahrwald says:

Blake eating the onions should give some hilarious pics for the caption contest

Helmut Breuer says:

well done,onion boy. ;-)

Jesse Liberson says:

Is it possible to squash a drop, and if so, how do you do it? #askgmbn

Andreas Treml says:

how can we make scott say o-hellins suspension again?

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