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A Mountain Bike Film


Vanessa Seifert says:

#biken #motivation

Vadym Lukavyi says:

We Ride

XTreme Video says:

WE RIDE BECAUSE *______________*?

Watch & Share #MTB =>

Khairul Anuar says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

braunbaerhh says:

Filme from draußen!

SuperJeRoT says:

Fantastic, absolutely fantastic!

Donovan Francis says:

I ride to get away from dueschbags

Ben Bidmead says:

Nice guys 🙂 Very nice editing, whats the song?

99IceTea99 says:

We ride because its hard

SuomiFinland Perkele says:

I ride because i love it

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI says:

yes the rain, especially the rain hahaha that’s why i always do it

MTBikingMarietta says:

i ride because its my passion!

Fischmuffin says:

Very very nice. That’s why WE RIDE.

Mauricio Rendón says:

I ride because it changed my life!

fakanqk says:

I ride because I’m free!

joef joefg says:

We ride because it’s pur passion, because it’s hard, because it’s man
versus forest, because we can’t live without, because it’s hard, because
it’s a defy.

Missrideification says:

Because being outside is always better!

Steve Grochowsky says:

I ride because Parkinson’s can’t beat me!

Giovanni Papais says:

Because we are alive!

Miguel Plaza says:

We Ride because ride is freedom!!!!

Shlep says:

the beginning 10 seconds pretty much described why i ride

Marcin Łysiak says:

każdy zna odpowiedź :)

VeloPlus says:

#biken #motivation

Kenji Yamaguchi says:
Juan Pablo Fernández Vallejos says:
Christian Rodemeyer says:

Gleichgesinnte :-)

Wilson Millan says:

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