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Tyre Pressure For Mountain Biking – How To Set Your Pressures For Enduro, DH + XC

MTB tyre pressure is a complicated subject, so here’s our guide to getting it right for your wheel size and style of riding.
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Tyre pressure is a pretty personal thing. It depends on how much you weigh, what bike you have the trails you ride and the way you ride that you ride them. In this video, we go through the basics of tyre pressures for Enduro, XC and DH.

What pressure do you run? Comment below and let us know!

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John Murphy says:

Hi my tires call for 35-65 psi. I ride some hard trals with rocks ,mud and jumps. I'm having trouble with keeping tracksion with my back tier,I have good new tiers and I'm watching a lot of videos about how to keep tracksion.and they say to let some air out tiersand but around 25-30psi.Should I put less the 35 psi of air in my tires even know they say not to ??? Thanks!!!

Bjarki Birgisson says:

i ride xc not so rough so 38 psi because of rolling resistance alltough i am 50 kg on tubular

Jack Buster says:

I'm roughly 220lbs with my trail bag on. riding a 29er with 1.95wide tires and tubes I tend to run 35psi in the front and 40psi in the rear. where I ride there's a lot of sharp rocks and loose over hard. use to ride with lower pressures but had a lot of pinch flats.

Eddie Chavez says:

I have a 26 Fuel EX and a Remedy 29er both run different tire pressure. With the style of riding I do which is aggressive trail and all mountain riding I usually run a little higher pressure do to me being 6 feet tall and weighing in at 230 lbs. After experimenting and many a mishap I've found the pressures that work for both bikes. 

kent0318 says:

shouldnt u increase ur pressure if u r going from something like 26er to 29er? As the volume of ur tires increase, the pressure decreases, so u need to compensate that by adding more pressure.

Marc28031984 says:

XC Hardtail
120mm travel
2.15 tires
3 bar front
3.4 bar back

But now I'm thinking about to try much lower pressures

Maybe 1.8 bar front and 2.5 bar back?

Love your channel and videos!

Ryan Gsell says:

I run about 20psi in the front and 21psi in the back. I weigh 170lbs dry, the tires I have are tubeless 26×2.35, and my bike is a 150mm full suspension bike.

Ronald G Josey says:

Thanks for the info guys. I am a Roadie that rides MTB as well. In the Winter in Canada I ride in the snow on the back wood trails and I lower my tire pressure quite a few PSI for that extra traction in the snow.

Atrax R says:

Wierdly I run lower tire pressures when I'm on teh trails. Higher stiffer tire only comes into play when I'm on a road bike. But that's just me and how I feel about it.  Higher pressures on the trails just don't inspire me with confidence since the tire is just bouncing around. Probably cause my bike is shit. lol I guess with better suspension I'd go with higher pressures too, but that's way too expensive for me. :

william gaffney says:

A video on Torquing bolts for bikes, how does a hand tight bike feel against torqued, especially suspension from a dual crown fork. Also Ti bolts? just saving weight or do they make the bike feel different aswell?

william gaffney says:

DH, 80kg. Front 30 psi, rear 36-40 psi.

Jaime Grant says:

Wow! these guys run some high pressures. I'm running a 27.5 tire.160mm travel bike 2.4 front and 2.25 back. I run tubeless. I weigh in at about 70kg. I'm running 18 psi front and 20-22 in back. I ride very aggressively, Think enduro race speeds. I ride mainly in Squamish BC, Combo of fast flowy trails, steep granite, roots and rocks. Wet in spring and fall and dry in summer. No troubles with flatting or burping

Gaming Ni says:

I have a 29er and i run 35psi at the back and 30 at the front. Works good for me 

Daniel Siegmund says:

2,6 bar front and 2,4 bar rear on hardtail as a really heavy guy.

alex stromberg says:

lol according to u guys I need to run 18 psi for my weigh I run 26 psi in the rear and 24 in the front because I ride enduro also everyone needs a scale digital pressure gauge there accurate as all hell

Jose Albuquerque says:

So you advise people to put less pressure than the recommended by factory?

Tim Davis says:

Ha, im running 65 front and back!?

Jose Albuquerque says:

My tyres say between 35 and 65psi and you are saying I should put around 25psi? Don't get it.

GIKAO77 says:

I there fellas! I bought recently a Hard Trail Merida BigNineTFS300. Still has the original tires and i still use tube… well the problem gets to 2 things:

Rider Weight and the type of terrain. I got 145/150ish Kg (1.90cm high) and i'm always changing from road to mud to country roads and woods you know… i get out of my house and ride for a while (warm up) and then i see a road into the woods and here i go…. lol 

well in the end, what presure should i use? i'm using about 3bar's and the tire gets a bit squashed (like mushroom looking) if you get what i mean… can you help me to turn this problem around at least till i loose a lot of weight =)

Jan Guardian says:

Aside from tubed/tubeless thing, suspension, wheel diameter and rider weight, I'd argue two things. First, the more aggressive your environment is, the less pressure you'd rather have so that your grip is better and your chances of punching your tires are lower. Second, the more pressure you put into your MTB, the smoother your ride through the city is. I use 3.1 bars for 70/30 asphalt/cc ride, whereas lower pressure makes my ride uncomfortable

Cuauhtemoc Tamez says:

I just to ride BMX y use 120 to 110 psi… now I ride XC and use 80 psi… Iam Crazy? or some one else do this?

Luke Ingeman says:

Im 15, dh racer and I run 24psi in the front and 26 in the back, I weigh 50kgs

Matthew Griffin says:

Run mine at 52 psi on a 26" 4x Bike! Got to have them pinging over the hard packed ground slightly softer for rockier tracks

Tactical Ninja says:

I run 29×2.4 Xkings with tubes on a dual suspention mtb 48psi rear and 43psi front and i think it gives the best all round performance from the road to a mountain and everything inbetween 🙂 its a bit squirmy in mud and loose surfaces but it digs through a bit better than low pressures i think and obviously its fast on smooth to medium hardpack surfaces with low rolling resistance but im 13st 1lb so need that extra bit of air to support my fat ass too

Cameron Duffy says:

Why is Neil wearing clipless shoes, but has flat pedals?

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