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Top 5 Mountain Bike Industry Trends In 2017 – VIDEO


DeltaDead says:

I have a question what to stop with…the rear is v-brake and the front is mechanical disc…I ride in the forest most

87246305I says:

Speaking of suspension, seems like hardtails are making a comeback a bit as well, especially with plus-sized and even fat bikes.

MrHaxann says:

upgrading to tubeless and dropper post hasbeen one of the best upgrades ive had

cakeba says:

trends I wish would catch on: bikes designed to last longer and be more durable not only for hucking it but for riding over more than dirt and rocks (I tore a derailleur off of my bike last year and it trashed the spokes too)
coil suspension with lockout (because you can't beat the performance, durability and consistency of coils vs air)
no more lowering of bottom brackets, they feel great in bike parks and on smooth trails but as soon as there's anything on the trails 3 inches tall (roots rocks branches) your bike just becomes a pedal smasher
threaded bottom brackets (already catching a little bit but I'm sick of my $4000 trail bike creaking like it's not put together properly)
and adjustable geometry (I'm looking at you, Specialized, Ibis, Orange)

James Thornton-Wood says:

That wasn't a trends video that was a history of the last few years of developments

Christophe L says:

Not exactly news!

Aleksandar Milenkovic says:

sayin' moving from 27.5 to 29 im n 26 still and like 80% of followers of yours

Rothschild killed JFK says:

Screw the bike industry i will wait for the 36er

Patrik Niederer says:

one piece of there bike problably already costs as much as my entire bike

TheJaspeerr says:

29er hardtail is my way to go in the flat Netherlands. I rode a downhill bike once, I'm not sure if they where 26" or 650B. If I had to guess I'd say 650B

Nikola Tesla says:

I'm still sticking with 26"

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