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Top 5 – Mountain Bike Accessories

Here are a few mountain biking items that caught our eye in 2014.

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Jason Alexander says:

I have a motorcycle helmet and a full suit, could/should I use that?

Somiih says:

I think i will buy this helmet and the pro pack. So cool! :D

vonpato says:

Would be grate if you could include at description all the items see on video.

Sajal Gupta says:

How important are cycle lights for mountain bikers?

ivusosk ivusosk says:

Unluckily This week i recieved new Hellmet Bell Super2r and helmet has cracked chin guard in the middle. For me this is something inexcusable. The quality of plastic is like china shit…Im very dissapointed.:/ And the inside padding has not glued – flitted properly.

Sup3rNov4 says:

May I ask how can you go 200mph on a mountain bike?

xXsharkey77 says:

Does anyone know where to buy the e*thirteen valves i can't find them. thanks!

marc paré says:

This 2 in 1 helmet is very nice but also very,very expansive….

Nate Meyer says:

Can anyone vouch for the protective abilities of the Bell Super 2r?

Ryan Jensen says:

This is the best stuff I've ever seen! I needed this before Christmas.

Eero Soralahti says:

Great tech picks.

Pier-Olivier Perreault says:

Wow ! Je veux tout ca !

itsCHIExD says:

I can finally fall at 200mph safely with that pack… 

Cee Neiton says:

Top 5 Mountain Bikes as christmas gifts

Kingsoupturbo says:

Pro pack is pretty cool idea! and the Helmet is slick, would be good for the big climbdescent rides!

André Menezes says:

Could you clarify on mountain bike helmets? Why do crosscountry pros always use road helmets with no visors (with a few exceptions)? Yet, manufacturers label helmets with visors for mountain biking. Thanks in advance.

xlf xie says:

Wich song have you used ?

joeldarkmaster says:

i really dig that Bell Super2R helmet! 

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