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The Tale of Jackson Park and the Parkway Trail


Ben Wolfe says:

Well done! For LOTS more info and ways to get involved visit

Angel Hamilton says:

The Tale of Jackson Park and the Parkway

iProdBunnies says:

Wow very well done .. if this video doesn’t inspire people to not build a
bridge through jackson park. I don’t know what will. GOOD LUCK!!

gefinesse says:

From exploring those lands as a child, to taking my own kids there for a
taste of nearby “wilderness”, that park has always been a calming and
rejuvenating place to escape the urban noise. It should not be desecrated.

Eight O' Five Jive says:

Best wishes to my friends in Peterborough for defeating this atrocious
maneuver to desecrate one of the most beautiful landscapes a town or city
could ever boast.

FoodForestCafe says:

Thank you for making this video! I shared it and hope this really makes an
impact to get people to take a stand against the development!

incaFB says:

please post your link here as well, thanks 🙂

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