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THE BAY AREA’S BEST? Mountain biking Annadel in Santa Rosa – VIDEO


Elias Svennungsen says:

Can you do a performance review on your DVO Suspension?

Ellis Frank says:

What's the benefit of a hydraulic dropper seatpost over a cable one?

Christian Burrell says:

Hey! A road bike. Is there a secret road riding channel of yours? Do we get a prize if we find it?

MrWiggnuts says:

put your stickers on maps and tables. people will be more likely to notice and not feel shady for grabbing one.

B. R. says:

Cool set of trails!!

C Engel says:

Brian, how do you like the plus size tires?

Matias Nicolàs says:

Did you choose the combination of letters of your plate?

Carlos Saavedra says:

What kind of bike is the dude riding at 9:00 ?
I've been looking for a bike like that for a while, but don't have names or styles >.<

MTBdropIN says:

Crazy fun looking ride!!! Even cooler community hang out. I have to agree whenever I go to a bike shop I want to hang!

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