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Steep Urban Mountain Biking Down a Rio Favela | Filip Polc’s POV – VIDEO


William Blanchard says:

Hey, anyone mind giving my MTB vids a quick check? I am 15 and improving very fast but my vids don't any recognition for all my work put in them.
You would be lit if you left a sib!!
Thank you! 😉

Gav3n 314 says:

they thought he was cool or a douche bag

Feels Guy says:

da pra sentir o sofrimento dessa camera de ar

Feels Guy says:

pq n levo bala perdida

Рустам Рустамыч says:

Глядя это видео , невольно хочется задать лишь один вопрос. Не судьба по нормальной дороге ездить?

soviet 1738 says:

What kind of bikes are these?

Karl Chapman MTB says:

You do realise you were going that fast you went passed your house. !

xXLawbringerXx says:

What bike are you using?

Клим Королевский says:

Пизда его подшипникам.

Вадим Возенков says:


GoodMan says:

xyeta korotkaya.

fico puto says:

esse ai da fuga nos bota rapidin nas quebra

Kabuthunk says:

So many stairs!

Lenna AMBe says:

steep and narrow, dafuq

WGPE says:

Love these POV videos! Always give such a cool perspective!

If you don't like my comment you have bad luck for many years, 1 lyk = 1 prayer.

But seriously, we are two 18 year old filmakers from Wales, UK, and if you could check out our channel I would be stoked! We love filming extreme sports and coming up with new ideas, and we have done stuff you won't have seen anywhere else! Check out Neon Woods on our channel!

Time 4 Wheelies says:

Was suchen sie hier in dem Kommentar Schutzbunker?
Rauf mit ihnen an die Vollbild Front!

Станислав Кусокв says:

стабилизатор бы

See3y says:

Bike worth more than the whole house there.

Lucas Sanches says:

Escapou ileso, não de uma possível queda, mas sim dos tiros.

GamingWith Ian says:

Hey buy this man a gimbal

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