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Shimano 1x vs 2x | Which Drive Train Is Better For Mountain Biking? – VIDEO


The space Doge says:

I do roadbiking with an mtb often so i choose 2×10

Estevan Ponce says:

On a 1X setup does the chain ring size make a difference? 32t vs 36t

swervedriver says:

I hated 2×10 for trail riding, found I was shifting the front (slower and handles load worse) more often than the rear

Owen Bell says:

I use both, but have been leaning more twards 2X lately.Some additional advantages are you can run a 2X 10 drive train and will have a good range for less money ,as well as better chain line for less wear on parts. With the high price of parts ,this is a great option for the budget conscious rider .

Eran Levy says:

Annoyingly, almost all mid-top range bikes seems to be offered only with 1x. Very few 2x. And I hate it and it stops me from upgrading the bikes, I don't like this 1x. Most of us aren't in races or something, and do need a bit wider selection of gears when going uphill. I think that 1x should go mainly with downhill "stunt" bikes, and the typical XC / mountain bike should be fitted with 2x

Ryan's YouTube channel says:

I still have a 3 by is it still good or no even that it's old school

Mariusz W says:

Currently I'm running 3×9 on my XC bike but on the next bike I planning on buying by the end of 2017 (new bike of course) there will be 2×11 or 1×11. Yet that mostly depends on the make. I'm looking for a mid travel (130-140) 29er – so basically a modern trail bike. My research's shown that some bikes in this segment have 2x whereas some run 1x. I guess having front mech would be nice for all-day (or longer) trips but most probably the choice will be made for me. Cheers!

Simply Redneck says:

just bought my first entry level "Real" mountain bike. its a 1x I think its easier for noobs as we only have to worry about shifting the rear derailleur. when I was using a cheap MB that was 3x, I would drop the chain by accident on account of poor shifting.

schlooonginator says:

I still like my 3X set up, and heres why…
I am admittedly old skool and back in the day a mountain bike was a mountain bike. There was no "XC, Trail, Enduro, Free ride, all mountain and DH specific bikes.
It was a bike that did it all,simple.
I still adhere to this principle, not just because its old skool but because its way cheaper and, in a way, more fun.
When I go for a ride I grab my bike, I don't have to ponder the specific terrain I will ride, I just go and figure it out.
In a way, all this specialization has sapped soome of the fun and freedom that mountain biking used to entail with people expected to have a quiver of bikes, this turns off a lot of people considering the prices of bikes.
I have a 3X on a hardtail 29er that I have customized via tires and things like handle bars and stems to fit my riding.
My one bike takes me anywhere and this is, to me, the true essense of mountain biking.

Anthony Mirizio says:

1x Shimano XT M8000 till i die

62shalaka says:

I'm all for a 2X setup. Adds more gearing flexibility and eliminates the trash can lid size rear cassette.

Rico Fiori says:

To calculate overlap (gear-inch) multiply the diameter of the drive wheel by yield number of teeth in the front then divide by the number of teeth in the rear cassette. If you have three chain rings and ten cogs you will have thirty gear-inch numbers. The overlaps are a good thing for two reasons: the chain is not overly stretched and you can dynamically shift several gear inches using the front derailleur, for example, when the downhill turns and goes up abruptly.

whit3strat says:

He explains the front mech like it is some unknown features.
This front mech allows me to run a 2x set up… so like most bikes for the last forever?

Daniel Del Rosario says:

29er 2×10 shimano xt all the way!

jungjoon choi says:

aloy sprocket wears out too early

trials_bike2000 says:

This debate is kinda like the ford vs chevy or the KTM vs Kawasaki, etc. just depends on the persons likes and dislikes

eljojo123321 says:

2X11, kinda tempted to go 1X11 but the pros and cons don't really outweight each other for me at the moment. Thanks for the video guys!

A Baker says:

great video. I am a big fan of 2x. I need it for the climbs and to keep consistent cadence. for me versatility wins over simplicity

MTB4L says:

I'm still riding my single-speed tricycle. Hope that's good enough

nickkowarick says:

Any tups on bike shops with enduro clothes and helmets in London (close to Tower Bridge)??

juandavid pinto says:

There is a drifetraun that combines both worlds actually… Its made of 3 diferent part making it a chain ring, you pull a trigger and the chain just goes biger, no chain drop, no hassle

Juan Carlos Garcia Zambrano says:

Damn I loved that canyon! if Scott someday gets bored of it…. send it to honduras!

todoxe says:

For me it is simple, there is not one that is better than the other in everything. One works well on things the other does not and vice versa. It all depends on your style. Is the same reason why there is not a single bicycle for all terrains.


what about the 3x Shimano?

Mushroom Head says:

What a great big pile of balls this video is

Christian Hernandez says:

x1 XT m8000

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