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Sam’s World – South Africa – VIDEO


Grouchfacegamin - videos says:

I live in south africa

PaXXXton says:


soufiane harfi says:

nice video guys

SIMO Rider says:

You Miss Best place to make Dirt park In North Africa (Morocco.Tangier) We are Fans of nsbikes here we rode Mtb !!!

Seraphin Etienne says:

Jador le vtt j'ai un vtt dirt je commence à faire des petite figure sinon cool video +1 abonnés

yammukuski 666 says:

gay road :DDDDDDDD

T.R TOM says:

why the high light of the video is blur out?

randy marte says:

What is The Name of Thats Bikes?

Doug DeGrave says:

Personally, I'm boycotting South Africa until they bring apartheid back.

神酒伸嗣 says:


Jimmy Rong says:

sick  video 

Manuel Ruiz says:

tits!!! at 00:39 hahahaha

GirdleySanders says:

Thanks for the vid, that bike track was awesome!

Philip Botha says:

Great video guys. I really did enjoy it! #Africa

Andrew Backstrom says:

Great History lesson guys. Classic

Tyron Areington says:

awesome, nice to get some positive feedback on SA

Max N says:

perfect music/video choice on 4th minute

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