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Replacing Forks/Shocks On Mountain Bike – VIDEO

I replace the trashed front shocks on a Trek 820 mountain bike. The RST 191 CS shocks were seized when I bought the bike. I took them apart and tried to repair them, but they were beyond repair. So I bought some new(used) SR Suntour M3030 shocks on ebay.These are threadless forks.

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Jack John says:

absolutely fantastic

Mat Billings says:

Hey, I know it's an older video but I just wanted to say thanks for making it! I recently swapped out a suspension fork with a rigid one and your video helped out immensely! :)

Nona Maier says:

nice! thank you!

synapticflow says:

I just got an entry level (used) 2012 Jamis Trail X1 as my first mountain bike.

I like it, but the front suspension forks are horrible. They knock
as they compress and decompress from bumps. If I pull up on
the handle bars to get over a curb, they give a hard knock. It feels
awful and totally kills the pleasure of the ride experience.

Can I do something to stop the knocking? I don't know a thing about adjustments.
The fork is RST 191-T
(this is just from street riding by the way) I don't do any bashing.

Am I stuck with this awful knock because it's an entry level bike?
What better forks could I put on it?

Taher Bm says:

are you interested in selling any of these bikes for sheap

Gregory Graziano says:

nice socks…how is the suntour holding up…I've spent too much restoring my fsr…but I need to replace my manitou spider…

coii 6974 says:

Many thanks was helpful

Zoological Militia says:

Thanks you saved me about 6 hours of bewilderment. I got an old Schwinn static I was thinking of swapping the shocks off my Huffy Mt. bike onto it do you see any problems?

omar su says:

i like the video compared to other its not that complicated and its simple no expensive tools needed…

Bijan Daniali says:

thanks, learned some good stuff from your video.


hey how about disks brake

Baily Diede says:

So, can I fit any custom fork on any mountain bike?

Snipe Camp says:

I have the same hammer at 3:56 although ive made my own wooden handle as the original came off!

Anyways, this video helped me today, but I had a issue….

Im swapping the forks from my Carrera Vengeance bike that I crashed and wrecked the frame, onto my GT Aggressor-2 yet the forks are stuck, the wedge is stuck. Ive fried with a rubber mullet to wack it down but it wont budge, any ideas?

cortarelva says:

Did your bike front get taller? How did it affect the handling?

TechTorch says:

Who tf is that breathing into the camera?

TheBlibitty Blab says:

I have a CCM Alpine (26" full suspension) and the front forks dont travel down too much, maybe a 2 or 3 cm. should I change the front fork or just get a new Trek Marlin or smth better ? I really need help because I am into MTB but my bike is not really helping me

Liam Moop says:

I have a hard tail mountain bike and the forks have rusted and when it compresses it feels rough should I replace it?

ooscarg1 says:

I have a Trek 820 from 00' or 01'. What forks (size) you recommend. Some say 63mm or i can use an 80mm…your thoughts?? also steering..

charleysturbos says:

Great video, thanks for the help. Just got a free two nine , 29 inch genesis mountain bike from friend. The upper fork is missing the bolts too secure it. It's only a 200 dollar walmart bike but do i just buy new fork like you said and where? And will it come with the upper secure bolt to mount the forks onto the bike? Thanks alot for your help as well. Charlie. Oh yea or should i take it too a cheap bike shop and ask them for the upper fork bolt if they even have that is.

James Pond says:

I know nothing about bikes, however i have a moutain bike but the forks have rusted. Will any forks i buy fit or do i need specific forks depending on the bike

Drew Rockstarr says:

Thank you for keeping it simple. I have  a spare Rock Shox pike shock from a different bike but realised it does not have the v brake adapters. I bought a 2006 Giant boulder with cheap Suntour xct. Can you recommend some forks that will be fit the bike please? As long as the size is the same as in 1 1/8 threadless and has the v brake adapters, is that all that matters? Thank you.

J.love923 says:

Honestly. The bike looks older than a year. But if you bought it from the store the mechanics that built it should have realized that and warintied it. How ever I personally don't like treek because in my experience that have all sucked and parts broke fast.

StormLaker1975 says:

I know this is a mountain bike, but I am wondering if I should swap out my rigid forks on  my hybrid for a Suntour shock absorbing fork. I ride a lot of rail trails, and uneven terrain in on my daily commute. Great video, this helps me see how it's done!

James Blake says:

i took the forks of my bike it is a trek marlin 7 and it is now very stiff

Nitram2984 says:

Thanks for explaining it all simply and thoroughly. I'm 30 and just taught myself to ride (and loving it) and now I'm keen to learn as much as possible about bike maintenance

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