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Packing a Bike For Air Travel – VIDEO


Earl Hunt says:

I'm trusting you… picked up this case and following your instructions..

ardei231 says:

Shane, thank you for these great tips! I love the bar tape on this bike. What brand is it?
Thank you,


Ip Freeley says:

is this a hard case. what if the throwers put 20 cases on top.

sv2rv says:

Any particular reason you're not using the included tripod legs as extra side protection? You've lost them? 😛 I have the same bag and haven't had a chance to use it yet..

Charles Rush says:

Very good review for people getting ready to travel.

MrMk1rob says:

When you reinstall the rear derailleur do you need to set gears back up or is it just a case of screwing it back on. cheers.

jasmine elizabeth says:

Up to step two, pedals off, texta marks, winning thus far thanks so much shane

Diego Cuesta says:

Nice job and very useful tips! I want to purchase a new travel bag and this one is my first option

Alan Davison says:

Where to get a rear chainstay axle protector thingy Shane??

pfuigack says:

Just got into cycling. Very entertaining and informative! Props from Austria, not Australia! 😉

P.S.: Love the skateboard!

Vince Marotte says:

ProTip: Carry on your shoes. If your bike gets lost/delayed you can at least rent on the other side

koDiacc Cycling says:

a lot of people are now flying in just a cardboard box – I think most people are over-cautious and most of the time people at the airports know how to not throw stuff around?!

Edwin Otero says:

Hey Shane. Great video overall!! But I have to say, why on earth would you use a black marker?, the marks are barely visible. I think a white liquid paper pen is a much better idea. It would not just be more visible, after your done, if you want, you can wash it off. It's not a permanent mark, and it will stay there until you want it to. Alright, that's it. Keep up the good work!

JDW says:

Is that a power saddle? What have you been riding previous and what do you like/dislike about it?
Any reason for the spacer under your stem and the negative angle on it?

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