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Pack Your Bike In A Cardboard Box – VIDEO


Ken Woods says:

a $100 dollar walmart bike…fine I'd use a box, or just leave the thing at home and buy a whole new bike at the nearest walmart wherever I'm going. his $8,000 Scott… no way I'd pack it like that. I'd have so many pillows in that box to pad it up that the airport would charge me triple because of the weight.

A Cool Crew says:

Can you put packing peanuts when your hole bike is in the box

Mark Daniel says:

Hi guys , if you were packing your bike which has got a dropper post , reverb in particular, is it ok to leave it compressed for the duration of the transit ?

Jesse Toronto says:

Tip – ask your LBS for a box for a fat bike, which have more room. Many times the LBS will give you both the box and the foam / plastic protectors the original bike came with. These can be useful to put on the ends of your rear stays and frame. Put an old pillow under the bike to protect the chain ring.

Jeffrey Maselli says:

Thanks for the Video Marc. Scares the hell out of me, but I will try it this summer, when i head to Maine, USA. I'd much rather spend the four hundred bucks on something else, like protective gear for when I finally push it too hard!!

Karl Lindberg says:

#askthedon when flying do you take your air pressure out of your suspension and dropper post? Please explain

Dingus “dingusmagee” Magee says:

why not just take the bar out of the stem, and leave the stem on the steer tube? that way your steer tube isn't just jiggling around in the headset, possibly causing damage

Calum McClintock says:

7:05 "Which means you'll be safe in the mind". Good one Marc :)

clive ramsbotty says:

sorry for being a dick head but those are 'torx' keys, not 'torque' keys

Alec Brown says:

Hi GMBN Just wondering what your opinion would be on the 2015 Scott Genius 720, much like the bike in this video i think. I have heard they are expensive and not the best bike for trails etc. Although I love the look of them and would love to pick up one when I'm older

Alvin Putra says:

You don't need to flatten the tires right? I heard someone once said to flatten them out if you'd like to put them in the cargo bay

eMBino says:

finally Marc <3

live to mtb says:

what did he use to remove the disc rotors? My rotors have the same centre locking system.

Michael Bond says:

There is NO WAY I'd hand over my bike to the airline goons in a cardboard box. If you can afford a few thousand dollar bike you (hopefully) can afford a nice bike case. I guess this could be a good option if you generally don't travel very often and you like to take chances.

billfaro82 says:

the axles swill not stop the frame and fork compressing, some old hubs on the axles would work or bike shwips sometimes have spacers to do the job

Grover Hernandez says:

Noticed a oval chainring on there… how's that working out for ya? I just switched over to a 32T oval and I'm getting more aggressive on my climbs. Wondering where the key improvements are for the pros. Yes, I would like to see a practical test video on oval chainrings. No skinsuit necessary…

Leonard Fahrwald says:

is it really necessary to really get all this stuff of the bike? wouldn't wheels and bar (with brakes and shifters on) be enough?

elroc10 says:

Goes without saying…we miss you Marc. :(

liquidSpin says:

I love it when they show my bike in their videos ^_^b

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