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Mountainbiking in the burnt landscape of Portugal – ARSON – VIDEO


JorgePT says:

finalmente :p

Looo Ooool says:

cool Viedo but I hate the music

MaxoBuk says:

Song: Mosh – Zodiac Overdrive

Luis Olivares says:

holy sh´t dude! sickest edit!

theminelux 03 says:

buen vídeo amigo Saludos desde argentina

andres v says:

amazing edit.

y t says:

cool how they started going down the trail in the morning and by the time they got to the bottom it was the evening

Jamie Field says:

well done lads looks pro keep up the good work.

Joseph Santiago says:

is it just me or the music is kinda used for strip clubs…

G_L_G Gaming_Like_Gods says:

and also super nice Video

Cabib Tanggomay says:

the music, the video, JUST WOW!!!!

João Mira says:

awesome, i`m potuguese and this very good
where are that trails?

Daniel Pinto says:

0:33 for those who dont know, "bastardo" in the way its used translates to motherfucker

Твоя 47-ая хромосома says:

русские лайк

Cyril .S says:


Vtt/Ride says:

super vidéo comme d'habitude 🙂

Monoduff says:


TheCrow90MTB says:

I'm so proud to start this collaboration with guys of Team InFocus .
Enjoy, Like, & Share

Loxaz says:

first i love you

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