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Mountain Biking the Redwoods in Rotorua New Zealand – VIDEO


Alex Chamberlin says:

Double System Sound? Sounds interesting

Mr.Moonboy says:

I'd get a gimbal. Nate Hills set up with his gimbal is my favorite on YouTube, so I'd look at that for what to get.

Wyatt Poovey says:

gimble or no gimble your footage still seems to be on the higher end of clarity quality wise. I'm sure it has to do with your settings on the go pro but even some channels with gimbles is more of a pain to watch due to the "clarity"  of their videos.

Tom Clayton says:

I think the wood features really add to the environment you're riding in, very natural and rural. Can't wait till I go in August

abattlescar says:

This trail is beautiful.

Callum Taylor says:

Use a gimbal but use an external mike cuz gimbal audio sucks

Mediarahan says:

It's fucking beautiful.

Youtube User says:

Did you mirror the footage?! Your brace is on the other side, or is this from your injury and you dont use the other one anymore?

From City To Wild says:

can't watch. need gimbal.

Sean Haran says:

Get a gimbal. I'm ordering my karma grip within the next two weeks. I'll be in whistler 7/23-8/13, if you're there during that time I'd love to ride with you!

Vlogs With Ronan says:

tbh i dont like gimbals i like the raw gopro feel as if im there and the gimbal doesnt show the reel roughness of the trail. Great video!

ViKo says:

Get a gimbal please, I love your content and you're a great rider, but It's sometimes hard to watch this shaky footage, as i find myself almost getting a headache after a while. Some 3rd person shots would be cool aswell

Finn Mccleary says:

Hey Jordan I'm a kiwi and I live just an hour away from the red woods. I bike there heaps. I was wondering if u did these trails. Hot x buns. Corridor. Billy t. And split endz. These trails are rated high and I was wondering if u got to do them cause that would be cool

Vlady MTB says:

Cool! New videoooooo

DeltaLoc says:

need a gimbal, if youd like to continue advancing and staying up to date and relevant

HPISRP says:

don´t use superview , a gimbal is a way better option

Zac Higham says:

Get a gimbal.
Footage is so much nicer to watch and in dark areas it takes away the choppyness if that's what it's called.
Audio is so much more clear as well and you don't have to worry about syncing up external mic's like you do.
I've recently got one and I personally think my videos are a lot better 🙂

Joe xD says:

If you want to grow and get bigger on youtube for your GoPro vids, gimbal is the best way to go.

O&E Overwatch says:

I like this commentary style of video

just tastic says:

I'm from nz

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