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Mountain Biking the lower Whistler Bike Park – VIDEO


Tanay Reddy says:

I don't understand how you turn in small spaces while going fast with rocks and not hit anything.

rico old skool says:

very cool trails…damn i live in the wrong country..

Cameron Brockbank says:

What do you use to caption and edit your vids, they are awesome.

matthew says:

So sick. Whistler looks amazing…and you guys were gettin' it. The footage is surprisingly stable for how bumpy it looked. Awesome vid.

Tenet says:

Damn, I got a boner. Amazing race!

Ripskin16 says:

Looks like an amazing ride

luismississippi says:


Edrick Pascual says:

That looks so fun and fast!

robert ramirez says:

Gnarly ride on the down hill. Keep it up! #props

Mrmoomba15 says:

may sound dumb, but I'm new to mountain biking, is it possible to ride a hardtail down these types of trails or do I need a full?

b1zz3rk says:

that was rad

Chris Biviens says:

You can be on Redbull hall of fame

NotANoob says:

you should have just called this video…shred

canadianroot says:

Looks just like me…..only twice as fast.

MTBdropIN says:

Dude, I got a lot of video editing ideas from this, you made a simple bike check awesome!!! Well and it really helps that you did the bike check in the craziest cool of rooms!!! Thanks man for the inspiration and stay warm!!!

BlaKClouD says:

Would love to see a run like this from a "chase" perspective. The camera on the seatpost looking back or the chesty mount on backwards? Don't know if that's even possible but on some of these drops and jumps it'd be great to see the rider from the front. Awesome videos!

BlaKClouD says:

I can't get over how the guy with the orange pants would whip the rear wheel to the right with his foot to make the bike point where he wants it to go. I'm taking my first MTB lessons in a couple of weeks. I would LOVE to learn techniques like that!


I look at my sb6c frame and I see this in the days ahead. Can't wait to finish the build.

mali98 says:

Dude, that was so sick! Awesome!!

jbonegw says:

How many people die each year from doing this?

Jason Riley says:

Awesome Nate!

RaviRam Chudasama says:

what bike are you using

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